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(Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb)

learn | 01.01.2022

Vapium Lite Review: A Compact, Stylish Vaporizer for the Masses

The Vapium Lite is easy to use while on the move.

I’ve never liked the look of sucking on a heavy-duty car battery, which is why I’m generally skeptical of portable, flower-based vaporizers. Still, being in the “I’d rather not roll a joint right now” camp, I knew I wanted to find something that still fulfilled my desire for herb on-the-go without looking like I was making out with Optimus Prime.

Enter Vapium Lite. From a stylistic standpoint, it is sleek, compact, and easy to use. That was half the battle won, for me. The first time I encountered the Lite, I was crossing a busy street with a friend when he tossed it to me. I caught it and instantly noticed not only how lightweight it was but also how it fit into my hand the way only something expertly designed can: instinctually. I didn’t have to think about how to hold it or where to put my mouth or what blinking light meant what. Priced at just $79, I will willingly admit that the affordability mixed with its durability both play a huge role in its appeal, especially if you’re keen on tossing it to a friend in need. 

How to use Vapium Lite

The vape uses a clean air intake filter to keep out particles that could change the taste of the herb. Equipped with eight temperature settings ranging from 356F to 446F, the Vapium Lite can handle even the densest bud. Its simple control interface lets you toggle the temperature with a “+” or “-” button, while LED lights indicate your current setting and a vibration signifies device readiness. Once you choose your temperature, the Lite really heats up; some even say a bit too much (but we’ll get to that).

What’s in the Vapium Lite box?

1 x Vapium Lite Vaporizer
1 x USB-C Charger Cable
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Additional Clean Air Intake Drawer
1 x 14/18mm WPA

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(Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb)

Vapium Lite: Areas for improvement 

Considering I’m a newbie to the vaporizer game, I felt relatively happy stumbling my way through the experience and coming out the other side with more appreciation for the device than I thought possible. However, comparing some reviews online (mostly to cross-reference my own findings), I found the most consistent complaints were temperature (when it heats up, it really heats up!) as well as its ability to hold a charge.

The instruction manual claims that the battery is good for “10-15 sessions” but one user reported that it drops from a green light (indicating a 100-60 percent charge) to a red (60-30 percent charge) after just two such sessions. Personally, I found that the battery drained pretty quickly, but it never felt like a major hindrance. For casual smokers who plan on returning to their at-home outlets at the end of each day, this vaporizer will definitely last when you are out and about.

What is Vapium Lite best used for?

I’m a ceremonious smoker, which means that I don’t consume on the daily but tend to intentionally decide when and why I’m going to partake. However, there are a few consistencies within my sporadic use: CBD tinctures during my time of the month, and if I am smoking, I want to feel like I’m in control of how high I get (which is why edibles have always been an iffy venture for me).

To do the Vapium Lite justice, I smoked more during the week than I typically do. In all honesty, it wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t even bad. Actually, it was quite good. The reasons being that I was comfortable maneuvering the buttons, proud of the look, and never once felt like the high was out of my control. A single hit was enough to soften the sharp edges of life without losing focus.

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(Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb)

Vapium Lite: Value and verdict 

Even in my limited experience as a vape reviewer, this is a device I’m grateful to have tried as an inaugural foray into the world of packed flower on-the-go. Vapium Lite is extremely stealthy, durable, and lightweight, which made it perfect for an adventurous, yet casual smoker, such as myself. As the week went on, I began looking at the vaporizer as an ally in my daily activities and actually enjoyed pulling it out in public (all the while feeling like a sleek spy in the making with all that sexy smoke billowing out of my mouth). I think I could get used to this. 

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