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learn | 01.01.2022

What Are Carb Caps And Should You Be Using Them?

Check out this video from Josh at StrainCentral, showing you all the benefits of using carb caps on your oil rig! This is a must see for all you dabbers!

Carb caps are a very handy tool for dabbers, and you should definitely try and pick one up if you don’t have one already! Check out Josh from StrainCentral’s video all about the carb cap.

No smoke loss

The biggest benefit of the carb cap is its ability to save the leftover smoke from leaving your nail. As you start to finish taking a dab, the nail tends to cool and some of your wax may decide is needs to sit on the nail for too long, and it will eventually just smoke right off the nail and not into your rig. The carb cab will create a seal around the nail, so even if your wax takes longer to burn you should still be able to take it with a second inhale.

Easier and cooler dabs

With a carb cap, the temperature of your nail can be significantly cooler because the wax won’t have to be taken all at once. The carb cap will allow to you simply place the wax on the nail and then cover it, making you have much more control of how you take your dab. You won’t have to rush to finish the whole ball of wax because there is no worries of losing anything if you go too slowly. Josh does a pretty good job of summarizing all the benefits in his video, as well as some good technique for using a carb cap.


As Josh mentions in the final minutes of his video, the flavour quality of your dab will skyrocket if you are using a carb cap. Lower temperature will result in more terpenes being released and you should have a much better flavour experience.


Do you guys already consider carb caps a must have accessory to your oil rig? If not, do you think you’ll pick one up after seeing Josh list all the benefits? Let us know on social media or in the comments below!

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