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Learn | 10.04.2022

What Is Delta 9o?

Get high legally, thanks to Delta 9 THC-O.

Delta 9o, also known as Delta 9 THC-O acetate, is a new psychoactive cannabinoid on the market. Producers like Binoid took Delta 9 THC from hemp and upgraded it by treating it with acetate.

If it sounds familiar is because it is similar to the making process of THC-O and HHC-O, the difference is the original cannabinoid.

Why bother to make Delta 9o when we have our old friend D9? Simply put, regular THC is not legal in every state, so producers tried to find a way around the law to use it without having trouble with the authorities. 

The result is Delta 9o, and the upgrade is that it is easier to metabolize.

Delta 9o Effects

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When using Delta 9o, you can expect the same effects you get from Delta 9 THC. Like traditional THC, Delta 9o offers a powerful mental and physical impact that will get you chilled out and feeling euphoric.

But it is not the same cannabinoid, so it has to do something different, right? And you are right. Although you will experience whatever effects you get from Delta 9, Delta 9o is easier for your body to absorb thanks to its new molecular composition. Thus, you will get high sooner.

Besides, users claim that the euphoric effects last 1 to 2 hours before fading, which is longer than you can usually expect from everyday Delta 9. But side effects would also last longer, so you should always have a nice drink to keep hydrated and watch for your dosage.

Still, there is much yet to learn about Delta 9o, so you better buy your products from reputable brands to ensure they are as safe as possible to consume. For instance, Binoid is always on the vanguard of hemp-derived products and has gained the fidelity of users by having excellent quality and safety control.

Delta 9o vs THC-O

It is easy to confuse Delta 9 THC-O and THC-O, which come from a chemical process in which producers add acetate to a cannabinoid. And that acetylated cannabinoid is the difference.

While THC-O comes from Delta 8 THC, Delta 9o comes from Delta 9 THC. Thus, their molecular structure and effects are different. For instance, THC-O is thought to be much stronger than regular THC, while Delta 9o is not stronger but easier to absorb.

Some users would say that if Delta 9 is stronger than Delta 8, Delta 9o would be more potent than THC-O, but that is for you to confirm when trying some vapes.

Binoid THC-O Vape Cartridges

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The Binoid THC-O Vape Cartridges have 92% of premium quality THC-O.

One puff is enough to cause an intense mental and physical buzz that would be too much for new users, and that’s why THC-O is so popular among people with developed tolerance to THC. For them, this is the next level of pleasure, and if you can relate, then you can’t miss trying it.

Binoid Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges

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When it comes to Delta 8, you get most of it when vaping the Binoid Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges.

Binoid is a pioneer of Delta 8, and they are only getting better at making amazing vape carts, so you will love them to reduce stress and anxiety during the day or wind up during the evening.

Plus, their catalog has many terpenes profiles, so don’t hesitate to try more than just one.

Legal Delta 9 THC Products

Delta 9 THC Gummies

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It is time for you to enjoy some delicious Delta 9 gummies legally, and those are Binoid’s Delta 9 THC Gummies, which are totally Farm Bill Compliant.

Binoid’s Delta 9 THC Gummies have 10 mg of Delta 9 and 50 mg of CBD per piece, producing an incredibly pleasant mental and physical buzz.

The most fantastic thing about these gummies is that they contain live resin Delta 9 THC, which means that each piece has all the therapeutical compounds that the plant produces naturally. If you want to get high on Delta 9 legally, Binoid’s Delta 9 THC Gummies are an option you can’t miss.

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