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Learn | 02.24.2022

Where Do Sour Strains Come From?

Here's everything you need to know about the history of these legendary strains. Created with Botany Farms.

Sour strains are some of the favorites in the cannabis world. Several users appreciate sour strains for their complex terpenes. Many sour strains are classic today and have many incredible offsprings. But, let’s see what makes sour strains so special. To talk about it, we should review their origin.

Places like India and Afghanistan have ancient traditions and history with cannabis. And we also have incredible strains that saw the world for the first time in the United States and Mexico.

It is not crazy to think that classic sour strains were born on this side of the world.

So, where did this gift from the cannabis gods come from?

We teamed up with Botany Farms to talk about these strains that have gained the heart of users from coast to coast. Plus, keep reading to learn about some of the most desired sour strains in the market and where to get them.

What's The Original Sour Strain?

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The original sour strain has it in its name, and it is the classic Sour Diesel strain. This strain might be the greatest contribution of the East Coast to cannabis. It appeared for the first time as we know it in the gardens of a guy named “Weasel” back in the early 90s. But that is only half of the story.

The legendary grower Chem got some seeds at a tour of the rock band Grateful Dead in 1991. With these seeds, he grew the classic Chem 91. Then, Weasel crossed Chem 91, the Northern Lights strain. The result was a strain called Underdog, a strain whose yield was generous and the precursor of Sour Diesel.

Weasel crossed his Underdog strain with Super Skunk seeds he got from Chem. The offspring was a high-quality strain that was very promising. Then, Weasel sold some of this strain to the “Albany” crew, some guys he knew from Upstate New York. The crew and Weasel grew it up and sold it in New York as “Diesel.”

This Diesel was a luxury in the early ’90s in New York and later received the label of “sour.” And that is how Sour Diesel came to the scene. The first packages with the official name were Sour Diesel IBL by RezDog’s Reservoir Seeds.

Then, the cradle of “Sour D” would be Staten Island, New York, from where it spread for the sake of good weed. Now it is a classic strain in the top list favorite of OG and nowadays users.

Why Are They Called Sour?

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The 90’s New York cannabis scene called Sour Diesel just “Diesel.” It was a synonym of high-quality buds, which were rare at that time. And, this strain makes feel anything but sour, so it would be weird to call it that way. Still, the sourness in Diesel was the high amount of relationships it broke back then.

Remember we told you it was a luxury? Well, people were capable of doing awful things to get it, including breaking all kinds of relationships: business, friendship, everything. Sour Diesel earned it the “sour” label because it had the power to make a person betray each other to have some of it.

That is not the case anymore since it is legal and easy to find in the cannabis market. But, back then in New York, it was a shady scene, and the strain kept that name.

And, of course, there are other sour strains than Sour Diesel. But, they have a common property with Sour D, and it is their skunky and pungent flavor. For instance, Sour Diesel tastes like, you got it, diesel. Still, it is not as bad as it sounds, and like other sour strains, its complex flavor makes it a favorite among skillful users.

Traits Of Sour Strains

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Sour strains have a dominant scent of earthiness, and most of them have a solid taste of diesel. But, it is not like drinking a cup of gas; instead, it feels organic. Sour strains usually have subtle notes of citrus fruits and leave a spicy sensation on your tongue.

As you see, their terpenes profile have many surprises, but they are not always easy strains to consume. Their flavors are intense and skunky, so it could be harsh for new users. That is why you see that people who enjoy sour strains the most are OG users.

But, don’t say no to them if you are not used to them. They are great sativas, and their terpenes enhance their effects. The pungent and skunky flavors come from incredible terpenes that boost your energy and uplift your spirit. So, that gassy and spicy scent is great to brighten your day.

Our Favorite Sour Strains

In this matter, it is clear that the most famous sour strain is the beloved Sour Diesel. And, we have seen talked about its amazing properties and story already.

So, let’s see other fantastic sour strains that you should learn about, and try if you don’t know them.

Sour Hawaiian Haze

This strain has a CBD concentration of 15.1% and 18% of total cannabinoids. Its flavor is a combination of sweet fruits like mango with the pungent scent of diesel. Its aroma is inviting from the moment you open the jar. This is a sour sativa strain that you would love to try when starting your day.

Sour Elektra

This is sativa that will charge your body with electrifying energy. With its 15.2% of CBD levels and 17.4% of total cannabinoids, Sour Elektra will turn on your brain while keeping you functional. Also, your tongue will receive a burst of sweet and citrus berries with the usual taste of gas. This is a great strain to use in the morning and start getting things done.

Sour Lifter

Sour Lifter has an outstanding concentration of 17.3% CBD and has 23.5% of total cannabinoids. The taste of grapes and lemon rinds makes a cool pair with the funky smell of diesel. This is what you look for when you want to add motivation to your day. Wash away all bad vibes and get in your best mood with this amazing sativa.

Sour Space Candy

When your energy starts lowering during the afternoon and stress is taking over you need a hybrid strain. Sour Space Candy, will relax your body and help you focus with its amazing 16.4% of CBD and 22.4% of total cannabinoids. This strain will keep you motivated during the day while enjoying its fruity flavor with grassy notes and spicy after-taste.

Super Sour Space Candy

Great things have power-ups, and this strain is one of them. Super Sour Space Candy is a hybrid that was born with the purpose of maximizing the benefits of Sour Space Candy. This strain has a CBD concentration of 16.4% and 22.2% of total cannabinoids, like its mother. But, its terpenes are more complex and delightful. Its sour apple taste with notes of lemon and diesel will make you fall for it.

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