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Why Is CBD Different Than Regular Marijuana?

Knowing the key differences between CBD and regular cannabis can help you discover which one is ideal for your preferred experience.

Whether you’re a new cannabis user or an experienced aficionado, it can be challenging to understand the many key components and cannabinoids within a marijuana plant. Perhaps one of the most popular questions hovering over cannabis users is what are the differences between CBD and regular marijuana?

While you might have heard of CBD for being the non-psychoactive cousin to regular weed, we understand if there are still lingering questions about why it’s used, what it’s good for, and why it’s different than your usual green. Read below to get the full rundown.

What Is CBD?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound and cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. Its popularity within medicinal products is due to various reasons, but most importantly (for individuals who might have grown up looking at weed as a harmful drug), it will not get the user high.

It’s a non-psychoactive compound that’s been shown to relieve anxiety, stress, depression, chronic pain, inflammation, and much more. Whether you’re looking for something to help combat the above conditions or simply to feel more clear-headed, positive, and motivated throughout the day, CBD is your go-to. For more information on CBD, check out our in-depth analysis here.

If you’re raring to go and give CBD a try we recommend you drop by Cannabis Life and check out the goods they have for sale. A nice introduction to the therapeutic effects of CBD can be this 1:2 Delta-8 / CBD oil, which melds the corporeal relaxation induced by CBD with the anxiety-relieving properties of D8.

Oils and tinctures tend to be an easy entry point into any cannabinoid as they are minimally invasive and easy to dose with precision. They also pack a punch and can serve to infuse a variety of foods and beverages with CBD properties.

Through Cannabis Life you can delve safely into CBD or Delta-8, with confidence in the purity of their products as shown by their third-party lab tests, all available on their website.

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What Is Considered "Regular Marijuana"?

Now that we know a bit more about non-psychoactive CBD let’s look at its stimulating cousin, THC. When thinking of “regular marijuana,” chances are you’re thinking of the federally illegal plant.

A cannabis plant will offer hundreds of compact buds when fully developed at harvest. Inside these buds, depending on the strain and plant type, are high concentrations of the psychoactive and high-inducing cannabinoid THC.

This is mainly considered “regular marijuana” because this is the plant most cannabis connoisseurs lean on for their recreational or medicinal purposes.


What's The Difference Between The Two?

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There are clear differences between CBD and “regular marijuana,” a.k.a, cannabis flower with THC. For starters, we mentioned that CBD does not cause a high, nor does it cause weed-induced paranoia that many beginner users experience their first few times. Instead, CBD has made waves in the medical arena for its many healing powers. This cannabinoid is incredibly different from THC in regular marijuana.

THC is responsible for stimulating the user with a psychoactive high that lasts a couple of hours, usually making the user feel lifted, euphoric, relaxed, sleepy, etc., depending on the strain. But one downfall of THC is how it can make the user feel slightly paranoid and anxious.

This is why CBD continues to be marketed as a safer, more welcoming, and less invasive alternative that still takes advantage of the cannabis plant’s many healing properties.

five™ CBD: The Difference

Looking for those chill, recovery vibes but not trying to get blazed out of your tree while feeling relieved? Look no further than five™ CBD + THC Gummies.

These gummies are the perfect combo, perfect for chilling out after a long day or just to add to your supplement routine! These gummies are delicious and have a  ratio of 5:1 CBD to THC.

five™ CBD has the perfect balance of CBD and THC and will be the perfect gummy to try next.

What makes five™ different from other CBD companies?

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Well, for starters, their product is a CBD + THC gummy. That’s right, full spectrum – you can now get your daily dose of CBD and THC in one delicious gummy!

But that’s not all that makes five™ different.

They also use a unique process to extract their CBD and THC, which results in a more potent and effective product.

They have delicious flavor profiles from the terpene extractions, with up to 6 times more cannabinoids than other companies.

Some more benefits of consuming CBD 5:1 THC are:

known to offer a wide range of potential health benefits, including reducing anxiety, relieving pain, and improving sleep.

edibles are a great way to consume CBD because they offer long-lasting, relaxation-inducing effects.

discreet and easy to consume, making them a great option for those who want to avoid smoking or vaporizing cannabis.

5 to 1 is a good ratio for those who are sensitive to THC or who want to avoid the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

So if you’re looking for a more potent CBD gummy, or just want to try something new, five™ is the company for you!

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