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Learn | 01.17.2022

Why You Should Try D8 Edibles Before D9 Edibles

Get accustomed to the feeling of Delta 9 THC edibles with a less intense Delta 8 gummy. Created with Cannabis Life.

New to edibles? This guide is the perfect start to your cannabis edible experience. You might have heard that edibles often result in a heavily impaired, couch-locked effect.

While this is true for most THC edibles (depending on their dosage), the same doesn’t go for Delta 8 THC edibles.

There are a few reasons why we suggest you begin your edible ventures with Delta 8 THC instead of regular psychoactive Delta 9 (the common psychoactive compound in cannabis).

Before you understand why opting for Delta 8 is a better choice for your first edible experience, we want to steer you in the right direction of which edibles would help enhance that adventure.

For starters, Cannabis Life prides itself in taking a moment and making it unexpectedly better, sweeter, and much more enjoyable. The company’s Delta 8 THC gummies are the perfect way to make that a reality. 

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Our favorite Delta 8 edible on the market is by far Cannabis Life’s Delta 8 Assorted Flavors Gummies, but they also carry other distinct flavors to suit your fancy, whatever that may be.

Now that you’ve got your hands on the best Delta 8 THC gummies in the nation let’s discuss why your first edible experience should be with D8. 

Less Intense Effects

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This might not be a pro for seasoned cannabis users who are looking for a strong and powerful high, but the last thing you want during your first edible experience is to trip out and feel overwhelmed or paranoid about your body’s reaction to high dosages of THC.

By using Cannabis Life’s Delta 8 Gummies, you’re minimizing the chance of increasing your anxiety and having a flawed first-time edible experience.

Long-Lasting & Slow-Release Effects

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Many enjoy Delta 8 over Delta 9 THC because of the compound’s ability to maintain its effects for much longer. You can think of D8 as D9’s smarter, sharper, and therapeutic cousin that sparks more focus and awareness with its steady, long-lasting effects.

Additionally, eating a Delta 9 edible often results in a quick wave of onset effects. On the other hand, Delta 8 offers slow-release and gradual effects that won’t overwhelm the mind and body.

Delta 8 Is Therapeutic

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As noted above, Delta 8 offers vastly different effects than the common Delta 9 THC; these include increased focus, awareness, and psychical & mental benefits.

When chewing on Cannabis Life’s Delta 8 Gummies, experience the therapeutic benefits for yourself and watch as your mind and body don’t feel heavily impaired.

Many cannabis users do their best work when dosing Delta 8, so why not be a part of that?

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