The 10 most high tech bongs

Putting the “high” back in high tech.

Feb 12, 2018

There’s nothing quite like watching a young industry explode into its prime. That’s especially true of the cannabis industry as it features some of the finest artistic expression and technical engineering on the planet. Throw in the fact that you can actually smoke weed out of these pieces of art, and you start to understand why high tech bongs are so appealing. Here are some of the most sophisticated ones on the market now.

1. Empire Glassworks Rocket Ship Bong

This intricate rocket-themed bong is a piece of art as well as a functional thick glass smoking piece. The 14 mm male bowl features planets with their own rings and moons. Smoke filters through a honeycomb percolator and works its way up, easily qualifying it as one of the most high tech bongs out there. The entire piece is a rocket complete with two boosters on each side that can function as handles. Both of these boosters are made of dichroic glass, originally invented by NASA. It’s $510.00

2. Sesh Supply ‘Atlas’ Faberge Egg Recycler with Propeller Perc

It’s no surprise that Sesh Supply appeals to smokers into high tech bongs. The company is perhaps best known for its spinning propellor percs. The “Atlas” recycler is a Faberge Egg with a propeller percolator downstream. An extra recycling chamber gives the piece even more charm. It comes in at $140.00

3. Borotech Glass ‘Lofn’ Triple Suspended Swiss Recycler

The goddess Lofn was known in Norse mythology as “the comforter” and “the loving.” That seems appropriate for the “Lofn” Triple from BoroTech Glass. This is a sturdy, functional 12-inch water pipe. Water flows from the bottom chamber through an inverted percolator, most definitely qualifying it to be considered one of the best high tech bongs. It then flows through three arms, each with a Swiss chamber, to the top and funnels back down. The piece offers superb percolation, hence great filtration. Get it for $245.00

4. Liquid Sci Glass Jetpack Double Stemless Inline

This sleek glass piece features an 18 mm reinforced stemless design with a double inline percolator. It has a splash guard and ice pinches. From Liquid Sci Glass in Ontario, California, these tubes stand 12 to 13 inches tall. One of these high tech bongs will run you $295.00

5. Vortex Beaker Tube

Vortex takes their science seriously when making high tech bongs. Their Beaker Tube water pipe offers a glass on glass bowl and downstem. The downstem assists in capturing large particles of debris in the water reservoir. The water filters and cools smoke before inhalation. The Vortex Beaker Tube features thick Pyrex glass and a three-prong ice pinch to cool the smoke even more. It comes in at $149.99


6. Long-Bong ‘Stanley’

This huge glass piece from Long-Bong stands 4 feet, 7 inches tall. That’s taller than most middle school students. It weighs 30 pounds empty, and up to 48 pounds when the chamber’s full of water. It is a fully functional smoking piece, and entirely demountable for easy cleaning and storage. Each bong has a unique serial number.

The “Stanley” package comes with a full mounting kit, two anti-odor cover lids, three hygienic dishwasher-compatible mouthpieces, a stainless steel male bowl, replaceable steel screens, a cleaning kit, and two clippers. The cleaning kit includes two custom brushes specifically made for Stanley along with sponges. One of these high tech bongs will cost you $2,999.99.

7. Grav Labs Black Accent Straight Tube

This durable 16-inch glass on glass piece includes a removable Showerhead Downstem for smooth, cool diffused hits. It’s one of the most high tech bongs on the market with a raised ice pinch and a 14 mm clear glass bowl. Black accents adorn the mouthpiece and base. It costs $164.99

8. High Tech “Cheese” Baby Bottle

This stunning 8-inch piece from High Tech Glassworks is a Faberge egg-styled baby bottle. The Baby Bottle comes equipped with a female joint and male bowl for smoking flower. Its diffused downstem helps with percolation and the expertly crafted body does the rest. It comes in White, Pomegranate, and Purple Rain with a price tag of $700.00.

9. UPC Classic Beaker Water Pipe

California-based UPC is a favorite for utilitarian smokers. They standardize all their high tech bongs to be the size and shape needed to optimize filtration. All that effort pays off, as they are one of the highest-functioning brands. Their Heavy Wall Beaker is available in 5 mm or 7 mm. (Get the thicker version for even more durability.) This piece features a six slit diffused downstem and an ice pinch. It’s one of the best values around among high tech bongs at $110.00.

10. Gravity Vortex Bong

Inspired by the gravity bongs that many of us have made at home—but far superior to them—the Gravity Vortex does all the work for you. It’s an all-in-one water pipe that uses gravity to pull the smoke through the water and into a second chamber. All you have to do at that point is inhale the cooled smoke. If that doesn’t qualify it as one of the most high tech bongs, we don’t know what does. It’s also relatively affordable at $99.00.

Feb 12, 2018