3 Must-Do’s To Avoid Bad Dabs

Here we look at how to tell whether or not your dabs are the real good stuff, or whether you’ve been cheated with some less than purged bunk.

Apr 3, 2016


Dabs and other concentrates are a pure, extracted form of THC and other cannabinoids from the cannabis flower. This is done by using a solvent, generally hydrocarbons from Butane, or CO2 extraction processes allow the pure THC to be pulled away from the freshly flowered buds. Once this is done you will have both the solvent and the THC contents in an extracted form, however, these solvents are poisons and can be harmful to the body, so the next important process in coming out with good dabs is to purge off this poison by methods of heating and evaporation. If there are large or residual traces of Butane in your dabs, then you have unpurged dabs and will be inhaling these nasty poisons.

1. A good clean dab

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Because dabs, waxes, and shatters are all made from solvents its important to know they have been properly purged/evaporated off of you marijuana extract. In legal stores one can ask for lab results on the dabs they buy, showing (PPM) parts per million on how much solvent remains in the dabs.  While it isn’t always a 100% purge the less solvents the cleaner your dabs will be.  Most of these legal markets have set a mandatory minimum on how much solvent can remain in their concentrates but these vary from each medical to recreational dispensary.

It is also important to know what kind of butane is being used to make the product. Some butane contains other harmful poisons that can stay behind in the extract.

2. Stronger Dab

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Dabs can be extracted from both Trim or Nug. Trim are the outer leaves of the plant while “nugs” or “buds” are the most potent part of the plant that retains the most medicinal value and potency for a soaring high. So if dabs are extracted from strictly trim leaves then they will be much weaker than that of highly potent dense bud nuggets full of white crystalline THC.

3. Contaminants

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Dabs can be very light or dark in color.  You should still be able to hold them up to the light and see a clean translucency through the dab.  If there appears to be anything else in the dab it is likely contaminated and not recommended to be smoked. Dab contaminants include: Dust, hair, mold, and pesticides, and are not safe for administration.

In order to avoid these hazardous contaminants it is important to handle the dabs properly upon extraction as well as following proper storage methods. Keeping the dabs in parchment paper and seal tight containers is a must in preserving their shelf life. Store your unused dabs in a cool, dry, and dark places, away from access heat, moisture, and sunlight. This will prevent the dab from turning into a liquid and keep moisture from causing mold on your sweet golden extracts.

How do you make sure your dabs are the best they can be? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

Apr 3, 2016