5 cannabis dating ideas to impress your stoner crush

Spark the flame.

Couples who smoke together, stay together. Whether it’s your longtime bae or a new crush, check out these dope cannabis dating ideas to show that special someone how much you care.

1. A Dank Meal

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5 Cannabis Dating Ideas To Impress Your Stoner Crush. (Photo by HEX via Getty images)

You can’t go wrong taking your date for a great dinner. These days, there are plenty of romantic ways to incorporate cannabis before, during or after a meal.

“Make a reservation at a romantic spot, and bring a vape or a pre-roll with you, so you can work up an appetite before the meal over a nice walk around the block once you arrive at the restaurant,” recommends Molly Peckler, cannabis-friendly matchmaker and Founder of Highly Devoted. We’d recommend packing a hybrid strain known to increase appetite and stimulate conversation, like:

Preparing a delicious meal at home is another cannabis dating option, especially if you want to show off your cooking skills. Consider having a joint ready with a nice, euphoric yet chill hybrid or pack the bong. You could even go all the way and cook an infused dinner. If you’re in a legal state, you can buy infused butter or oil to make it easy.

“If you prefer a home cooked meal, you and your partner can whip up something special in the kitchen together. Share a joint during prep, or use a LEVO machine or some Mondo powder to infuse your actual meal,” recommends Peckler.

2. 420 Picnic

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5 Cannabis Dating Ideas To Impress Your Stoner Crush. (Photo by Sebastian Kopp / EyeEm via Getty Images)

Cannabis dating can be really simple, like a walk in the park. That’s why we’re suggesting you do just that. Plan an outdoor day picnicking and smoking. Roll a few joints of a nice uplifting sativa or hybrid that will foster conversation, like:

Pack some sandwiches and plenty of water and munchies, so you and your date can lose track of time sitting in the park chatting. Great for getting to know someone new, this low-key daytime date is low-pressure and low-cost. Make sure to check the weather first and find a nice, peaceful and semi-private spot you two can chill out and sesh the afternoon away.

3. See a Movie

This classic date can be spruced up with some serious spliffage to turn a typical night out into a memorable cannabis dating experience. Pick a film you know your date wants to see and smoke a nice euphoric hybrid or indica strain before you enter the theater like:

Or, check out Herb’s guide on the best strains to pair with movies, by genre. Stock up on some munchies before you pick your seats and split an edible during the previews if you guys are seeing a longer film or a double feature.

Although this classic cannabis dating idea can be done in any city, if you’re in LA, check out Street Food Cinema, the largest outdoor movie theater in the city. Their season runs from late April to late October, and their first film of 2018 is Dazed and Confused. Bring your own joints (BYOJ), a big blanket to lay on with your date, and some extra cash for the food trucks when the munchies kick in. Over in Denver, the first weed-friendly movie theater is expected to open this summer so keep an eye out for opening night to take your cannabis dating game to the next level.

4. See a Concert

sbcns c This doctor tried to convince Carl Sagan to stop smoking weed
5 Cannabis Dating Ideas To Impress Your Stoner Crush. (Photo by PROKārlis Dambrāns via Flickr)

There’s few experiences that are more classic than smoking weed at a good show. If you’re going to an outdoor concert, pack a few pre-rolled joints of an energizing sativa like:

Before you leave, check out Herb’s guide on how to sneak weed into concerts and festivals. If it’s an indoor show, pack your vape pen with a sativa cartridge. If you don’t feel comfortable sneaking anything into the show, split an edible before you go in, but make sure it’s made with an uplifting strain or pair it with a coffee or energy drink.

5. Couples Massage

Photo1 800px This doctor tried to convince Carl Sagan to stop smoking weed
5 Cannabis Dating Ideas To Impress Your Stoner Crush. (Photo courtesy of odomassagestudio.com The Mile High Massage)

This next date is a bit more intimate and expensive, but it’s a great way to show your busy and stressed out partner that you care. Book a couples massage and split a strong and relaxing edible beforehand for the complete body high package. You’ll want something made with an indica-dominant strain so you can both feel that tension and stress melt away.

In states with adult-use cannabis, you can even book cannabis-infused massages, like the “Mile High Massage” in Denver. These 420-friendly massages will use THC or CBD massage oil to loosen up your muscles. Because we all have cannabis receptors on the skin, weed massage oil helps with inflammation and relaxation at the same time.

If cash is a bit tight, you don’t have to rule this cannabis dating idea out: roll some joints, buy some weed massage oil, light some candles, and invite your bae over for “massage night.” Play some gentle music or a classic film in the background and take turns rubbing the pain away. Even if you’re not in a state where cannabis is legal, you can still buy CBD massage oil online in all 50 states and smoke something relaxing, like Northern Lights. But if you are in an adult-use state, buy a bottle of THC or CBD lube for after the massage.