Avoid Dankruptcy With These Weed Conserving Methods

If you have ever been short on weed with no certainty of getting more, this list of weed conserving methods will help you make your stash last longer.

Nov 30, 2015
dankrupty conserve your weed

If you have ever been short on weed with no certainty of when you can get more, this list of conservative ways to smoke weed is for you.

1. Smoke Alone

Smoking marijuana should almost always involve friends, but if you are running short on bud, smoking alone is a surefire way to conserve.

2. Pick the Right Time

If your stash is a little thin, smoking all day is not an option. You should take a minute to think about the time of day that you enjoy smoking the most. If marijuana helps you get to sleep, try to wait until bedtime. Conservation of anything is dependent on your discipline.

3. Use a One-Hitter

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One hitters are perfect for weed conservation because – they just hold enough weed for one hit. Genius! You might be disappointed that you can’t blaze without any regard to your supply, but trust me those little “onesies” will get you plenty high – give them a chance.

4. Make a Gravity Bong

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Gravity bongs might seem like relics from your days in college, but they are perfect for adult attempts to conserve weed. Gravity bongs require very little marijuana and they are sure to burn every little bit that you pack while also providing you with gigantic rips.

5. Special Occasions

If you are skilled at weed conservation, you might find yourself actually searching for reasons to smoke your stash. If this is the case, plan a special occasion to bring out your stash. Maybe you could invite friends over for dinner and share the last bits of your bud with them. You already did the hard part of conserving, now share the benefits of your diligence with the homies.

6. Try a Vaporizer

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Vaporizers can be very efficient for marijuana consumption. Some models make it easy for taking just single hits. Though the high you get from vapes may be a little different, they will help you stretch your stash.

7. Use a Grinder

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Grinding up your weed before you pack it into your smoking device is a great way to conserve. By grinding up the flower, you are increasing the surface area of the material you have, so theoretically you can pack more bowls with ground weed. Think about it, have you ever just pushed nugs into your bowl? They don’t burn as well (wasteful), and it always seems like you use more weed in a shorter period of time.

8. Weigh it Out

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For some people, weighing out their weed may help them to conserve. If you know how many days it will be until you can get your hands on some new herb, then you can accurately ration your stash once you know its weight.

9. Smoke Other People’s Stash

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Don’t be a jerk about it, but if you are running low on bud it’s usually not hard to find a friend who will sympathize with you. Just remember to pay it forward whenever your are flush with green.

10. Don’t Smoke

I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, but the only full proof 100% effective way to conserve weed is to simply not smoke it. Going a few days without marijuana because of your own determination, will give you a new respect for marijuana and yourself.

Do you have any creative ways to conserve your weed? Let us know on social media.

Nov 30, 2015