Best Cannabis & Beer Pairings

For those of you who may enjoy a beer every now and then, you may want to have the best cannabis to go along with it!

Sep 4, 2015

Cannabis and beer are two of America’s most popular substances and understandably so—both are rich with flavor and can leave the user feeling better than when they started consuming. Studies show that drinking alcohol and consuming marijuana leads to a higher THC rating in the blood—meaning that drinking a cold beer could amplify the effects of marijuana. Which can be a wonderful thing, but just be warned: having too much of both drugs in your system will lead you to feel sick, so consume responsibly (and don’t drink and drive, people). Be ready for deliciousness—here are some of the best cannabis and beer pairings no matter the season.

Cold, Dark Winter Nights
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A thick, heavy beer is perfect for those long winter nights at a warm pub. No beer is more perfect for this than Last Snow by Funky Buddha Brewing. Last Snow is an American Porter with tastes of caramel, coconut and white chocolate. The perfect cannabis pairing for this Porter is a strong tasting Indica like Blackberry Kush. This strain is Indica dominant and provides an awesome berry taste along with a heavy relaxation effect.

Tis the Season
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Ever wondered what Christmas would taste like in beer form? Well Samuel Adams Merry Maker Gingerbread Stout, has attempted to bring the holidays to your taste buds with hints of gingerbread mixed into a 9% Imperial Stout. The perfect complement to this beer would be a baked goodie, unique to Christmas. The gingerbread man is a traditional Christmas treat, no matter how you make yours, simply switch your butter for cannabis butter and take your cookies to the next level.

Spring Into Action
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After the snow has melted and Spring has sprung, you may be motivated to get outside and enjoy the sun who has neglected you for several months. Along with this reintroduction to nature, your taste buds will also need to be woken up with a strong flavor profile such as Full Sail Double Bock, brewed in Oregon. This strong flavor works best with a sweeter strain of cannabis like Girl Scout Cookie, which will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors without the haze.

Green Day
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St. Patrick’s Day is a fairly recognizable holiday around the world which celebrates the life and death of Saint Patrick on March 17th. People celebrate by drinking vast quantities of green beer and partying late into the night. Most St. Patty’s days are fueled by green-dyed lager. For those who also want to smoke cannabis to complete this day of green, we suggest to use a strong, pungent sativa like Green Crack to pair with your green lager to keep you going all night.

Summer Time Highs
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Summer is a time to enjoy the great outdoors and many heavy beers and strains are not suitable for either your beach body or your mood. The perfect summer beer is light and fruity, leaving you wanting more. Another Oregon brewer, the Widmer Brothers, have produced the Hefe Shandy, which combines the last of traditional Hefeweizen and lemon. To match both the playfulness and taste of this beer it is best to pair it with Super Lemon Haze, a sativa dominant strain to keep you energetic outside along with a taste profile to match this incredible drink.

Fall Flavor
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There is no more iconic flavor of fall than that of pumpkin. So while the season is here, enjoy everything pumpkin with this New York pumpkin brew called Pumking that boasts an 8.6 alcohol content. The perfect cannabis pairing comes in the form of (of course) delicious Cannabis Pumpkin Pie, which is sure to be a hit at Thanksgiving dinner.

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Sep 4, 2015