How Humidity Control Affects Your Cannabis (And How To Control It)

Boveda wants to help every cannabis professional and consumer enhance the quality of their cannabis flower, and the quality of their experience.

Mar 1, 2017

Do you know the best way to store your weed? Boveda, a US-based company making a wide range of 2-way humidity packets, wants to help every cannabis professional and consumer enhance the quality of their product and the quality of their experience.

Preserving the best

There’s lots of information spreading out there when it comes to humidity control, and just how important it is when storing cannabis. For far too long, stoners have relegated their best buds to plastic baggies and pill containers. These storage solutions do absolutely nothing to preserve the integrity of cannabis flower.

Boveda’s humidity control technology makes storing cannabis just like the age-old practice of storing a fine cigar.

Thanks to Boveda, all the best qualities of your favorite cannabis flower can be preserved longer. This means more intense flavors and effects for you every time you open your favorite container!

Using a good humidity control practice at home when storing your cannabis will make you a more efficient smoker. Your buds won’t dry out as fast, and they’ll keep their juicy colors and flavors as well.

When used correctly, the specialized Boveda packets for medical cannabis help retain the flavors and aromas that you love in your flower.

The reason is that terpenes and trichomes, which contain all the good stuff cannabis has to offer, can actually evaporate off of the flower over time through improper storage. This makes flowers taste stale and burn much more quickly.

No matter how you cut it, storing your stash with Boveda humidity control packets is a smart move.

Elevating the industry

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Every person in the cannabis supply chain – from seed to smoke – simply must understand how important humidity control is to the production process.

When flower is dried and stored on an industrial scale, up to 10 percent of the total weight of the flower can be lost through over-drying. That’s like losing over an ounce for every pound!

It’s insane to think that some growers out there are still not using proper humidity control during the curing process, losing big money and putting out inferior products because of it. Boveda’s technology can stabilize flower weight so this is no longer an issue.

Humidity control helps product manufacturers and retailers as well. Boveda’s 2-way humidity control packets can be easily placed inside of retail packaging for edible products that require that extra bit of freshness. Or, dispensaries can use them in their bulk flower storage to ensure that every patient always gets the freshest batch.

Boveda: Simply better

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The real value of Boveda is just how easy it is to use. You just put a packet in your container and close the lid. Done. From there you have 2-3 months of perfect humidity control. The packets will become hard when they are spent so you know it’s time to replace them.

In addition to protecting against evaporation, Boveda’s technology can also help keep buds free of molds that thrive on too much moisture. It’s simply essential for any business that grows, processes or sells cannabis to the public.

Overall, your smoking experience will be much improved when you use flowers that have been properly cured and stored.

Boveda’s technology makes that happen at literally any stage of the post-production process – including your living room.

The company has a full range of size options available online, offering humidity control for medical herbs. Find one for your container today.

Mar 1, 2017