5 bongs that will freak out your parents

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In case you ever want to scare the hell out of your folks.

Mar 27, 2018
5 Bongs That Will Freak Out Your Parents

Youngsters smoke marijuana during the World Day for the Legalization of Marijuana in Medellin, Antioquia department, Colombia on May 3, 2014. AFP PHOTO/Raul ARBOLEDA (Photo credit should read RAUL ARBOLEDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Are you still living at home with mom and dad? Or, are you expecting them to pay a visit sometime soon? If so, then it’s time to whip out your most terrifying bong. Maybe you’ll do it just for the priceless reaction, or even better, you’ll share a hit or two with them. Either way, here are five bongs that will freak out your parents.


The BUKKET is definitely one of the bongs that will freak out your parents. Although it might not look that scary to you, the BUKKET isn’t exactly the type of device your parents used to puff on back in the day. In fact, it doesn’t look like a bong whatsoever. The BUKKET is a waterless gravity bong that relies on the force of gravity to deliver frightening amounts of smoke. So much smoke that your folks will probably be too petrified to go for a second hit. That is if they even hit it at all.

2. Grace Glass – Limited Edition Bong with HoneyComb Disc Perc – Black Monster with Horns

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Bongs that will freak out your parents. (Photo courtesy of www.grasscity.com)

Out of all the bongs that will freak out your parents, this one is sure to impress your hardcore smoker friends too. Featuring a spooky one-eyed black monster bowl, designed for flowers, this Limited Edition Grace Glass Ice Bong packs one hell of a punch. Despite its intimidating design, this bong produces some of the smoothest smoke you’ll ever have. The monster’s horns aren’t there for show; they’re just there to give you a better grip, making it easier for you to refill and let it rip.

3. Mad Scientist Multi-Chamber Glass Bong

We had to include this piece on our list of bongs that will freak out your parents. It looks like something a mad scientist would use alright, white lab coat and all. Don’t be surprised if your parents turn down a hit from this insane rig. But if they are brave enough to give this bong a go, assure your folks that the Mad Scientist Multi-Chamber Glass Bong delivers mellow hits that won’t tear up their lungs. Also, let them know it costs less than 30 bucks. They won’t be able to judge you for seizing a bargain, right?

4. Gas Mask Bong

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Bongs that will freak out your parents. (Photo courtesy of www.grasscity.com)

No one can blame your parents for being terrified of the gas mask bong. Heck, even some of the most seasoned veterans won’t pick one up. Once you put it on and fire away, there’s no escaping the hit until you clear it. The thought of filling your entire face, eyes included, with weed smoke may sound like a good time. But let your parents get ahold of this gas mask that comes with an acrylic bong attached, and it’ll likely scare them so bad that they’ll disown you. Not really, but maybe for a little while.

5. The Ripper

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but the Ripper is an exception. It is indeed as menacing as it looks. Constructed of highly contoured acrylic, the Ripper can hold monstrous amounts of smoke and provides plenty of space for ice to help cool it all down.

Mar 27, 2018