Edible Test: What Happens When An Older Couple Consumes 110mg of THC?

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One of the best tests we have seen lately – the edible test. An older couple are the edible test subjects as they are observed eating 110mg of THC. Enjoy!

Aug 27, 2015

Hopefully you are all aware of the Maureen Dowd story last year, when the New York Times columnist claimed she thought she was going to die after eating more than the recommended dose of an edible candy bar in her Denver hotel room. This sparked a lot of debate that is still on-going about the dangers of edibles and the need to strictly regulate the amount of THC in them.

Colorado now has a a 100 mg THC max per unit on all edibles, and the recommended dose is 5mg of THC. However, in an edible test experiment, Fusion decided to have an older couple as their test subjects. They were each given an edible candy bar like Maureen Dowd, which had 10 total squares that contained 10mg of THC per square, totally 100mg of THC for each candy bar.

See what happens next as Fusion waits a total of 90 minutes after the older couple consumes 110mg of THC between the two of them. We think Maureen Dowd needs to see this.

Aug 27, 2015