The Fastest Electric Herb Grinder Has Arrived: The Flower Power Grinder

Are you tired of grinding cannabis? The new Flower Power grinder will save you from doing the work – and grinds 21 grams in seconds.

Mar 10, 2017

The best electric herb grinder has finally arrived, and it’s called the Flower Power Grinder. This grinder is the fastest and best on the market, which makes bringing cannabis into the kitchen extremely easy. This device is also super handy if you’re hoping to grind up herb in bulk for some pre-rolls or blunts. A gentle yet sturdy machine, this device has a 200 watt, 5,000 RPM velocity motor. The Grinder can process cannabis perfectly in seconds, no mangling involved. Here’s the scoop on the best new cannabis gadget you need for your kitchen.

Flower Power Grinder: The fasted herb grinder ever

The Flower Power Grinder is the fastest electric herb grinder on the market. Instead of wearing out your hands cranking a traditional grinder, this nifty electric invention can perfectly chop up your bud in just a couple of quick pulses.

The grinder comes with a vacuum sealed collection container, simple vacuum pump,  silicone brush,  maintenance brush for easy cleanup.

Grinding up to 21 grams of herb in just seconds, there’s no doubt that this grinder is incredibly powerful and fast. Getting some high-quality ground material for your pre-rolls, blunts, smoking devices, or vaporizers is a snap, especially if you’re in a hurry.

This makes the Flower Power grinder ideal for dispensaries looking to improve the speed and efficiency of their grinding and pre-roll process.

Perhaps the best use of this grinder, however, is in the kitchen. While the Flower Power Grinder was designed for cannabis buds in mind, this novel gadget is perfect for anyone who grows and processes their own culinary herbs, teas, and dried mushrooms at home.

A true timesaver for bakers and those who love to experiment with cannabis-infused edibles, the Flower Power Grinder has a strengthened flat blade design. It also processes plant materials efficiently and gently, making it useful for preserving garden delights of all sorts.

Tips for using the Flower Power Grinder

Processing cannabis is a bit different from processing other plants. While the standard three chamber grinder provides space to collect kief, the Flower Power Grinder does not. Rather, the device comes with a silicone pastry brush that can be used to gently sweep kief out of the bushed steel bowl and into the included storage container.

If you’re hoping to try to collect as much kief as possible before consuming, you may want to empty the grinding bowl over a fine mesh screen, which will allow you to separate some of the loose kief crystals.Those hoping to use this device to make more potent edibles may want to dust all of the ground product, kief and all, into your culinary creation.

This grinder does not need to run very long before getting a nice grind. Simply hold down the collection cup to start the blade. A perfect grind for a pipe, vape, or a bong can be acheived in just a quick pulse or two.

If you’re hoping to save your cannabis, you can store it in the included plastic container to preserve freshness. Throwing in a small 62 percent humidity pack will help keep the material well-hydrated. You can also use the vacuum pump to suck the remaining air out of the container, which further prevents the herbs from drying out.

This product is intended for dried herbs, so it isn’t recommended to use wet or fresh ingredients with this machine. If processing more of the same plant, you can clean out the bowl if needed by wiping it down with a damp cloth.

When switching between different plants, washing the bowl with a gentle soap and water is recommended. Always make sure the machine is completely dry before processing any herbs.

The Flower Power Grinder is sold exclusively at MyxedUp retail stores in Colorado, or online at

Want to learn more before you buy? Read more about the grinder here. MyxedUp is currently offering a $99.99 special.

Mar 10, 2017