How To Break The Stoner Stereotype


The mainstream stoner stereotype still exists in modern media, despite the growing popularity of the marijuana industry.

Sera Jane Ghaly
Oct 23, 2015

The mainstream stoner stereotype still exists in modern media, despite the growing popularity of the marijuana industry. Even though marijuana is slowly becoming more accepted, there are those people who just can’t shake the idea that all stoners are lazy, Dorito eating, video game players.

Well, the stereotype is completely out of date. If the marijuana industry wants to continue growing, the stereotype has to be broken in order to cover the entire market of smokers. Marijuana users range from recreational users to entrepreneurs to those using it for its medicinal benefits. Lumping all smokers into the category of lazy, stupid stoners effectively narrows the target audience for the marijuana industry, making it impossible for it to grow to its full potential.

Modern day stereotype breakers

Steve Jobs

stereotype jobs How To Break The Stoner Stereotype

The former Apple CEO (R.I.P.) is arguably one of the most successful people of the 21st century. And guess what? He is a self-proclaimed marijuana lover. Jobs says that when he smoked marijuana or hash he felt relaxed and creative. Maybe it was the secret to his creative inspiration that changed the world.

Carl Sagan

stereotype sagan How To Break The Stoner Stereotype

Carl Sagan rocks the world with his TV series, “Cosmos”. Sagan also has PhD’s in both astrophysics and astronomy. This man has an intensive history with marijuana and says that his use of it shook something deep in him. His experience with it is mysterious, saying that it gave him a deeper human understanding. No one who is stupid or lazy gets two PhD’s in astronomy and astrophysics. Period.

Bill Gates

stereotype gates How To Break The Stoner Stereotype

One of the richest people in the world. Enough said. Gates said he used marijuana in college, and he openly advocates for the legalisation of it in his state, Washington.

Coming out of the closet

stereotype i smoke How To Break The Stoner Stereotype

The stereotype is already being broken by successful, famous people of stoner time. The problem is that all of these people need to come out of the closet about their use with marijuana. It needs to make an evacuation from the “taboo” culture. Entrepreneurs, academics, musicians, writers and everyone should be open about their use of marijuana and the benefits it has for them.

stereotype fig420 How To Break The Stoner Stereotype

It’s important that this is done on a personal level in your own life, too. But what’s more effective is when academics and successful people such as Terrence McKenna or Timothy Leary open up to the world about their views. It’s impossible to hang on to the stereotype when successful people are presenting themselves as marijuana advocates.

It’s likely that most of the presidents out there have tried marijuana at least once, and at least some of them like it, right? It’s a matter of shaking society so that people can come out of the closet. The truth is that some people in society have the opportunity to impact a lot of people at the same time. These are the people that need to come out and break the stereotype once and for all.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself
stereotype old lady How To Break The Stoner Stereotype
Photo credit: The Daily Beast

It’s important that if you use marijuana, to be proud of it – the same way people that grow fresh mint in their veggie patches are proud of their mint leaves. If you connect with the marijuana plant, and it has benefits for you, there is no use in being ashamed. This is the time to stand up and tell everyone how it has benefited your life. Maybe it hasn’t done the same for them, but by being an example of those benefits, they can let go of the stereotype.

Just like every other change that happens in the world, it all begins with you. It begins with marijuana users realising that they aren’t a part of the stereotype. News spreads like wildfire, and this is how revolutions happen!

Sera Jane Ghaly
Oct 23, 2015