10 Incredible Instagram Blunt & Joint Rollers You Need To Follow

If you want to feast your eyes on some serious talent when it comes to ganja rolling, check out these ten best blunt and joint rollers on Instagram.

Nov 24, 2016

Rolling a joint is one of the best, and most popular, ways to smoke cannabis. Not only are papers cheap, but they also make getting high more convenient. Although anyone can master the skill of joint rolling, some are more creative than others. In fact, some even take it to the next level by turning your everyday joint into a work of art. Not just any piece of art, but smokeable art, to be exact. If you want to feast your eyes on some serious talent when it comes to ganja rolling, check out these ten best blunt and joint rollers on Instagram.

1. Tonygreenhand

When it comes to the best joint rollers, Tony Greenhand is the best of the best. In fact, he is the best joint roller in the entire world. If you want a joint pizza, he can roll it. Or, if you want a smokeable gold chain, he can roll that too. As can be seen, he can even roll the world’s favorite gorilla, Harambe.

2. Thegrasshoppa

From tissue boxes that dispense rolling papers to tennis racquets, thegrasshoppa has a creative mind and is one hell of a joint roller. Not only will his exceptional joint rolling skills amaze you, but the bud he uses is also mesmerizing

3. Buzz_budz

If you like gold papers, you’ll love what buzz_budz can do with them. His Instagram, in particular, is filled with perfectly rolled joints that shine brighter than a brand new penny.

4. _luckymeds

Want to see some fat and delicious looking joints? If so, you need to check out _luckymeds on Instagram. As a matter of fact, a lot of his masterpieces look too good to smoke. Not to mention, they look like they’ll give you the high of you life.

5. Roll_with_codyvangogh

Roll_with_codyvangogh is the van Gogh of joint rolling. His creations, in particular, are far from your ordinary joints. From SpongeBob to Yoshi, he can roll weed into any character you can imagine. He loves rolling so much, in fact, that he has spent 40 hours making a Joan of Arc joint.

6. Xxjune_da_goonxx

Joint master xxjune_da_goonxx is so good that even Snoop Dogg had to try one out at one of his concerts. Moreover, Tommy Chong has even lit up one of his joints on stage. In general, there is not a single joint you won’t be amazed by when checking out his Instagram page.

7. Unclesnoopsbodega

If there were such a thing as getting high just by looking at something, you would be out-of-this-world blazed after checking out unclessnoopsbodega‘s joints.

8. Nome_illa_than_u

As can be seen, nome_illa_than_u‘s joints look good enough to eat. Moreover, he can roll some of the nicest cross joints you’ll ever see in your life.

9. Twaxxytyrus

Not only does twaxxytyrus create joint art, but he can also do wonders with wax. If you like big dabs and twaxing joints, you’ll love his work.

10. Flipu4real

An entire castle that you can smoke? That sounds like a pipe dream, but it’s entirely possible thanks to flipu4real and his talent for rolling joints.

Can you turn a joint into art? Do you know of any talented joint rollers that aren’t on the list? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

Nov 24, 2016