Is Your Ultimate 420 Survival Pack Ready?


420 is one holiday you’ll want to do right. Here are a few survival essentials you’ll want to grab before the big day arrives.

Anna Wilcox
Apr 18, 2016

4/20 is only a couple of days away. Are you prepared? Even the most experienced smoker will want to stock up on a few survival essentials. Here’s some required gear for the ultimate 4/20 survival pack.

Head to your favorite dispensary or local smoke shop to pick up some of these smoking necessities before the big holiday. You won’t regret it!

Rolling papers

420 survival kit rolling papers Is Your Ultimate 420 Survival Pack Ready?
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There’s no better way to celebrate 4/20 than with a classic joint. This means that you’ll need plenty of nice rolling papers for the day. If you don’t already know how to roll the perfect joint, this holiday is the perfect day to learn! Here’s a tutorial courtesy of HERB.

Some great rolling paper choices:

  • Classic Zig-Zag: featuring a glue made from sap of the acacia tree, Zig-Zag products are sure to create the perfect smoke every time.
  • RAW Organic Hemp: for a safe and canna-friendly option, be sure to grab some RAW Oraganics. Not only do these burn well, but you’ll feel great for limiting the amount of paper chemicals that you’re inhaling.
  • Skunk Blueberry: a product of Spain, these tasty favored papers are sure to be crowd-pleasers. As a bonus, they’re also made from hemp!

Pen vape

420 survival kit openvape Is Your Ultimate 420 Survival Pack Ready?
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While a joint is a must on 4/20, they can be a little tedious to roll over and over again if you plan on smoking through the day. For an easy-to-puff option to take when you’re on the go, pick up a vape pen. They can make your holiday celebrations easier than ever. There are several options as far as pens go. Here are a couple of the good ones:

  • O.Pen Vape: Beloved by most, these little oil vapes are similar to an e-cig. They’re super discrete and don’t create much of a smell, making them nice for smoking about town. O.pen vapes are available in many states with legal recreational or medical marijuana.
  • Cloud Vape: The nice thing about Cloud Vapes is that you can find either oil or flower varieties. This means that you can easily smoke your favorite bud or concentrate products.


420 survival kit grinder Is Your Ultimate 420 Survival Pack Ready?
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It’s awful to not have a grinder on 4/20. Chances are you’ll be smoking/ vaping quite a bit. Picking up a good 3 chamber herb grinder from a local smoke shop is a serious time, and herb, saver. Not only will you be able to collect and put to use all that great keif, but you won’t be stuck manhandling your bud all day. No one likes that.

Cough drops/ gum

420 survival kit candies Is Your Ultimate 420 Survival Pack Ready?
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To help alleviate cotton mouth and make the most out of your day, be sure to pick up a pack of cough drops. Your favorite gum will also work well. This will restore much-needed saliva and ease a scratchy throat.

Eye drops

420 survival kit eyedrops Is Your Ultimate 420 Survival Pack Ready?
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There’s nothing worse than rubbing at red eyes all day long. Be sure to pick up some Visine or your favorite at your local drug store before getting the celebrations started. You’ll be thankful, we promise.


420 survival kit waterbottle Is Your Ultimate 420 Survival Pack Ready?
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Another crucial must-have. Cough drops may help get rid of some of the pain, but after a bowl or two, it’s guaranteed you’ll be wanting something nice and cool to drink. Don’t forget to stock up! If you’re enjoying the day with friends, there’s always sure to be someone in need.

The perfect strain selection

420 survival kit bud Is Your Ultimate 420 Survival Pack Ready?
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Of course, no 4/20 is complete without the main event! For help finding the best possible buds for a great time, check out our guide on the 10 Best Weed Strains to Party With. Or, ask your local budtender for some happy, uplifting options.

Well, there you have it! A few 4/20 survival essentials you won’t want to forget. You’ll probably want to stock up on some of your favorite munchies, pick out some good tunes, and give your bong, pipe, or dab rig a good clean in preparation for a day of festivities. 4/20 is one holiday that you’ll want to do right.

What are your 4/20 survival essentials? Any tips or tricks? Share them with us on social media or in the comments below. Have a happy holiday, y’all!

Anna Wilcox
Apr 18, 2016