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In this video Modern Grower goes behind-­the­-scenes at Altai Brands, the California ­based chocolatier crafting premium cannabis infused artisanal sweets.

Jan 14, 2016

The new PRØHBTD docu­series Modern Grower introduces viewers to leading­ edge companies making innovative strides in the grow, extraction, edibles and infrastructure industries within the cannabis marketplace.

As new products flood the dispensaries, consumers can become overwhelmed by all the choices, but Modern Grower highlights the people whose craftsmanship and creations rise above the rest. In the premiere episode, series host Felix Fang (of Vice’s Sex + Munchies fame) takes viewers on a behind­-the­-scenes look at Altai Brands, the California ­based chocolatier crafting premium artisanal sweets like Dulce de Leche Bon Bons and Peanut Cream Alt Bar.

What are these products like?

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The Dulce de Leche Bon Bons feature rich Latin American­style caramel blended with roasted white chocolate and surrounded by a dark chocolate shell while the Peanut Cream Alt Bar combines milk chocolate and peanut butter with a sugary layer of caramelized peanuts for a crunchy texture.

With the childproof plastic removed, the artisanal chocolates sit in small chocolate­ colored tins labeled SATIVA or INDICA, while outside sticker designates dosage (10 or 25 mg). All Altai edibles reflect the finest chocolate ­making traditions, and swaths of color on the chocolate give the outer shells an elegant RICHART-­style flair.

Check out the video below to see Felix inspect the top grade cannabis Altai use, and meet the guys behind the chocolate.

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Jan 14, 2016