How To Make The World’s Biggest Bong

Find out how it was that the world’s biggest Jerome Baker Bong came about.

Feb 27, 2016

This video shows the making of the world’s biggest bong created by Jason Harris, otherwise internationally known as Jerome Baker. Well, according to the makers of this bong, what is required above and beyond all else to create the world’s biggest and most powerful bong is a great team.

This video is inspiration into how love for marijuana and love for the art of glass come together to create the world’s biggest Jerome Baker piece. Watch it below.

It’s just like playing the guitar

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This bong is called the Nucleus bong and was created at the Makai glass studio in Maui, Hawaii. It was put together by a group of people who were dealing with an enormous piece of glass, requiring precision timing from everyone involved. In the video blowing glass is likened to playing a guitar. Once you know the chords, learn the scales and practice a little, you can play any song you want.

Jason Harris says that his favorite part of the Nucleus bong was the experience of the process itself. Making something together is what makes this bong so special. It is made out of uranium, a symbol for the radiating energy that it will forever hold. He says that this bong is a time capsule of sorts, representing the time they spent together on that beautiful day that their lives intersected.

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Feb 27, 2016