Relax, It’s Legal (Delicious, Too)


Want the social acceptance of enjoying a bottle of beer? Then check out these awesome cannabis-infused drinks.

Christopher Teague
Oct 6, 2016

How do we take the concept of cannabis and blend it with the traditional image of mainstream recreational substances? Give it a look that people are comfortable with. It might sound a little like shaping kid’s vegetables into dinosaurs, but that is exactly the kind of strategy that will break down the barriers for commercial cannabis in the community. But this isn’t sneaking veggies past preschoolers. Adults need onboarded with the cannabis experience, and the most relevant social norm today is drinking.

Legal recreation

1 mirth provisions cannabis relax Relax, Its Legal (Delicious, Too)
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Most of what keeps cannabis out of the average American’s arsenal of after-hours appreciation is the stigma of what a cannabis consumer looks and acts like.

But there’s no problem with people drinking alcohol at group get-togethers. If only cannabis could look like an alcoholic beverage, so people would just treat the users like people drinking, and loosen up about it.

Of course, that is exactly the thinking behind the creation of a delicious line of cannabis-infused drinks from a company called Mirth Provisions.

With their line of products, you get the look of alcohol consumption with the effects of cannabis. Even better, you can pick exactly what kind of experience you want.

Very cherry

2 mirth provisions cannabis Relax, Its Legal (Delicious, Too)
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Ready for some focus and energy while feeling absolutely amazing? Then this Hybrid cherry should be in your hand. Mirth Provisions makes all their edible beverages with real juices and pure cannabis extracts, for a delicious and refreshing experience.

Lemon Ginger

3 mirth provisions cannabis Relax, Its Legal (Delicious, Too)
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When you want to relax and sit in your lawn chair while the kids run around playing, this Indica-infused Lemon Ginger delight will melt your worries away. Prepare to feel a powerful body buzz and a chill mental state of bliss.

Party pomegranate

4 mirth provisions cannabis Relax, Its Legal (Delicious, Too)
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If you want to rock and roll all night, then grab this tart treat. Filled with the uplifting power of Sativa for a mild body high with a soaring mental buzz, this is sure to keep you going. Energetic and exuberant, pomegranate knows how to party.

Cranberry CBD

5 mirth provisions cannabis Relax, Its Legal (Delicious, Too)
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Need a little more balanced beverage? How about a Peace Tonic with the THC to set you free toned down with the CBD to clear your path. Get in the groove by grooving with the best of both worlds.

A new way to bring people to cannabis

6 mirth provisions cannabis Relax, Its Legal (Delicious, Too)
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The company even made their own commercial for the drinks, featuring a backyard barbecue and band. The scene gives mainstream audiences the feel of ice cold brews and summertime fun, the image that alcohol has worked so hard to achieve.

Imagine throwing a party with these sitting in ice? Not only is this a great product line in and of itself, it furthers our push for acceptance. How natural does their beverage look next to a bottle of beer? Would you find it easier to offer one to a friend than a joint? Exactly.

Even cooler, this was filmed at an actual backyard party of the members of the company, with the singer being one of them.

Who’s throwing a party with a case of these cool brews? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.

Christopher Teague
Oct 6, 2016