How To Make A Pumpkin Bong Oil Rig Hookah

This pumpkin oil rig from Master Bong and Fox Don Roxy is sure to elevate any Halloween celebration to new heights.

Nov 1, 2016

This Halloween, why not try something different with your pumpkin-carving skills, and create an awesome oil rig hookah? This simple video allows you to follow along step-by-step to construct an epic way to catch a buzz that all your friends will want to try. With a few simple tools, you’ll be on your way to an elevated mindset in no time.


This masterfully crafted idea came after Fox Don Roxy created a similar type of dabber using a pineapple, watermelon, and apple. The creation came out so sweet, Roxy knew a pumpkin would be the perfect gourd to construct a Halloween-themed bong from.

To begin, Master Bong and Foxy gather the necessary essentials to construct such an extravagant smoking piece. Some PVC air hose will work as the mouthpiece, while glass down stems are used to hold the oil.

In an attempt to make this pumpkin rig over the top, Master Bong mentions the idea of including two down stems, so both participants can take monster hits at the same time.


After choosing the perfect decorations to place on the pumpkin that will incorporate the down stems seamlessly into the design, the duo sets to work carving the shapes.

Master Bong carves a hole to replace the center “O” in October and replaces it with a down stem. Hoses are cut at varying lengths to accommodate the needs of any user. The more hoses included, the more people who can hit the pumpkin rig at one time.

Holes are easily carved to incorporate the hoses, and an extra hole will act as a carb. After inserting the hoses, the rig is complete. In as little as ten minutes, an exciting, festive pumpkin rig can be made and ready to use, by following this incredibly easy tutorial.

The only things left to do is heat up an e-nail, load up the rig and puff away to the heart’s content.

Nov 1, 2016