Six Reasons Dispensaries Are Better Than Dealers

Why are dispensaries better than your typical cannabis dealer? Here are six reasons to convince you.

Aug 20, 2015

For many people, a drug dealer is something of a distant memory—something we will tell our children about when we discuss how the world was “very different when we were kids.” And those weed dealer stories are epic, from the dealer’s wacky personality to the ordeal that it sometimes took just to pick up a gram. As great as these stories are, the world is becoming more accepting of dispensaries, leading marijuana users to realize the benefits that these stores can have on the cannabis buying experience. Here is why you shouldn’t feel bad about breaking up with your dealer for a dispensary.

  1. Selection

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In most cases, small time dealers will only carry one thing…weed. No specifics of the name, strain type, THC/CBD content rating—meaning that the user doesn’t have much of an idea what is going into their bodies. Dispensaries carry multiple strains of indica, sativa and hybrid that would allow customers and patients to research strains that suit their needs and have a good chance of finding that strain at a dispensary.

  1. Product Safety

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A black market means a loose regulation system that often overlooks deficiencies in the plant that could be harmful to the consumer if smoked. Dealers don’t necessarily know the origin of the plant or how it was grown so that information cannot be passed on to you. Buyer Beware. Dispensaries will usually have a solid understanding of the origins of their strains and how the plants were grown along with experts who clear the cannabis for sale.

  1. You Don’t Feel like a Criminal

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Doing a real drug deal can be a little awkward, especially the first time you meet your cannabis hookup. Both are relatively suspicious of the other and it takes a couple meet-ups to feel comfortable with one another. Dispensaries make you feel like a regular person who just happens to be purchasing some cannabis. 

  1. Getting Down to Business

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Dispensaries are not looking for friendship in their business deals; they want to get you in and out in the quickest amount of time possible while also offering a level of customer service. It is common for weed dealers to want to hang out, smoke one real quick and catch a new show on the history channel. Before you know it you have spent three hours at your dealer’s house and smoked all the weed you bought! (Which is not always a bad thing, but sometimes it’s really not a part of the plan).

  1. Keeping Kids Off Cannabis

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Bringing the cannabis industry into a legal market means that children have less of a chance of getting their hands on marijuana. Dispensaries will always ask patients and recreational users to produce valid government issued identification. Dealers may not necessarily care if the person they are selling to is under 21 because they may only be concerned about the money. Legal cannabis will keep kids safer, end of story.

  1. Bottom Dollar

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When a business can move a large amount of cannabis, they can pass the savings on to the consumer. They can offer strains that cost less and premium strains for the big spender. This is all because of competition in the legal dispensary market can be fierce and forces prices down. Dealers will rarely have sales or discount brands, which can leave you spending more on marijuana than you really need to.

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Aug 20, 2015