The Best Uses for Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has many uses. Most notably? Infusing it with cannabis for cooking. Here are 5 five ways to use coconut oil for your body and your high.

Jul 19, 2015


With so many different claims of “superfoods”—food that not only nourishes you, but also combats certain diseases—it might be difficult to distinguish between the buzzword and the hard facts. Coconut, however, may in fact be a superfood. Not only can you consume it in various ways (coconut milk and water, coconut oil, coconut chunks), but it also has several other uses and benefits for your body. Our personal favorite? You can infuse it with cannabis. Here are 5 five ways to use coconut oil that are amazing for your body and your high.

1. Medical Uses
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Though more research is needed, coconut oil has been linked to treating ailments such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, and chronic fatigue. There are also studies that link coconut oil to the treatment of dry skin, head lice, obesity and heart disease.

2. Skin and Hair
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Coconut oil is a great moisturizer for your skin and hair due to its high levels of the antioxidant Vitamin E. Coconut oil is effective in combating damage to other healthy fats and tissues in the body, also known as oxidation, which causes skin aging. Feel free to apply on all areas of the body—including the face and the hair. Coconut oil adds a big splash of hydration to dry hair, making this a great product to have on hand during the summer.

It is recommended that if applying the oil straight to your skin or hair, you seek out organic coconut oil to ensure your skin does not absorb pesticides and other chemicals. Organic coconut oil is even safe for your infant’s skin and provides a healthy boost of protective Vitamin E.

3. Lubricant?!
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According to a recent Vice interview with author and doctor, Dr. Julie Holland, it turns out that certain strains of marijuana can have an unpleasant side effect on all of our Mary Jane’s out there. The side effect? “Cotton Vagina.” Similar to cotton mouth, the mucous membranes in the vagina can dry up post-smoke, making it difficult for women to create natural lubricant. Dr. Holland doesn’t leave us high and dry, fortunately, as she gives us a couple of options to work with. One of these is Foria, a cannabis-infused female pleasure-enhancer. The other? Coconut oil, which is also the base for Foria. Organic coconut oil makes an excellent personal lubricant considering it’s all natural and contains no parabens, petroleum, glycerin or chemicals—all commonly found in store-bought lubricant.

Maybe just buy one jar for cooking and one for the bedroom. Just a suggestion.

4. Cannabis Coconut Oil
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We have a delicious and detailed recipe for concocting cannabis coconut oil for those who have not attempted the infusion before. This recipe calls for 1-3 ounces of dry marijuana and a crock pot (among other ingredients) to make one pound of coconut oil. Get cooking!

5. More About Cannabis Coconut Oil (because it’s the best, seriously)
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Cannabis oil is so versatile in creating amazing dishes, many of which (as you know) can be found here on The Stoner’s Cookbook. Because coconut oil is high in essential fatty acids that act as a binding agent for the cannabis, cannabis coconut oil makes a brilliant replacement to any recipe that calls for oil. Our favorites include Sriracha Peanut Noodles, Cannabliss Balls and the best way to start the day: Wake N Bake smoothie.

With its many uses, including fending off disease and poor health and cooking our favorite edibles, coconut oil truly is a superfood. Are there any other ways that you love using this product? Let us know!


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Jul 19, 2015