The Genius Pipe eliminates every pipe problem imaginable

Say so long to fragile bowl pieces and hello to the future of pipes.

Jan 10, 2018

Photo courtesy of Genius Pipe via Facebook

A pipe is one of the most practical smoking instruments to whip out when you need a swift toke of herb. On the other hand, some pipes can also, literally and figuratively, leave a bad taste in your mouth after only a couple of uses. From inhaling, then immediately choking on weed bits to having your glistening green bud carried away by even the slightest gust of wind, no pot smoker is a stranger to pipe problems. But that’s all in the past: the Genius Pipe is revamping the future of smoking by eliminating every pipe problem imaginable.

The Genius Pipe is setting a new standard in the world of pipe smoking.

The bowl piece you used the first time you smoked weed will always be near and dear to your heart, but traditional and fragile pipes like that are becoming a thing of the past.

For starters, you don’t need any water whatsoever with the Genius Pipe to get those smooth, cool hits of herb you love so much. Inside the device is a dimpled filter, and thanks to this particular feature, you no longer have to set your throat on fire or practically donate your lungs for a decent hit.

Genius Pipe Can you eat raw weed?
Photo courtesy of Genius Pipe

Another perk you get with the replaceable screen is better tasting herb. Unlike a traditional pipe, which produces cringe-worthy flavors of smoke after just a couple of lights, the Genius Pipe locks in all the original flavors and aromas of cannabis.

Each Genius Pipe is made of sturdy anodized aluminum, but don’t let the A word turn you away. While aluminum has a bad rep in the world of smoking devices for the urban myth that it is toxic and causes Alzheimer’s disease, aluminum is, on the contrary, one of the safest materials on earth. Not to mention, it’s practically indestructible. So if you happen to drop your Genius Pipe, no problem — it’ll still be in one piece and ready to get you medicated.

What the Genius Pipe and traditional pipes do have in common is the simplicity of use. To get your Genius Pipe ready to use, you just slide back its magnetic cover, load your herb, then push the cover back in place. And when you’re not getting your smoke on, the cover will not only protect your flower, but it’ll also mask the smell.

The Genius Pipe is the ultimate travel pipe.

Genius Pipeee Can you eat raw weed?
Photo courtesy of Genius Pipe via Facebook

That makes the Genius Pipe perhaps the only bowl piece equipped for travel. Even on windier days, the Genius Pipe works flawlessly. A sliding cover allows you to shelter your herb while you smoke ensuring that the cherry doesn’t blow out or that a harsh wind doesn’t steal the goods.

While the Genius Pipe doesn’t hold as much bud as a traditional pipe, it does provide plenty of room to neatly pack just the right amount of flower for on-the-go use. Plus, a smaller bowl makes the Genius Pipe easier to clean than most bowl pieces. All you need to do to get your device looking good as new is separate its three magnetic pieces, wipe it down using 70% alcohol, dry it off with a cloth, then put everything back together. That’s all there is to it — no fancy pipe cleaning liquids are necessary.

The Genius Pipe typically ranges from $60 to about $120, depending on the style you choose. You also have the option of customizing your own design. A little steeply priced for a pipe, maybe, but again, this is the future of smoking your investing in, not the cheap glassware of the past.

Jan 10, 2018