7 Ultimate Weed & Wine Combos To Try Today


You’ve heard of cheese and wine pairs, but what about weed and wine pairings?

Dee Giznik
May 24, 2016

We’ve all heard of wine and cheese pairings, but what about wine and weed pairings? Believe it or not, there is an art behind selecting the proper strain to accompany a fine glass of wine. The flavors and aromas should fit together seamlessly, both meant to enhance the other’s features, without overpowering. It can be tricky to create the perfect combination, but with a little practice, pairing will soon become second-nature.

It’s usually not a good idea to drink alcohol and use cannabis at the same time, as it tends to result in the spins and, inevitably, throwing up. However, one or two glasses of wine, paired with the perfect strain, is an exciting new way to experience both wine and herb. The flavors of each compliment the other, making a truly elevated experience for any cannabis enthusiast. To get the pairings started, here are seven of the best wine and weed combos, perfect to try out on National Wine Day!

1. Dry Whites & Trainwreck

1 wine weed pairing trainwreck 7 Ultimate Weed & Wine Combos To Try Today
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Dry whites, like Sauvignon Blanc, have fruity flavors, with earthy and peppery tones. Trainwreck also carries hints of pine, with a nice lemon aftertaste. The herb perfectly highlights the natural sweet flavors of the wine, while delivering a relaxing, mellow high.

2. Sweet Whites & Fruity Pebbles

2 wine weed pairing fruity pebbles 7 Ultimate Weed & Wine Combos To Try Today
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Fruity Pebbles is a very aromatic strain, with a pungent berry taste. Sweet White wines are often flavored with citrus, pears or some other fruit-cocktail combination. The fruity flavors of both the strain and the herb mesh beautifully together.

3. Sparkling Wines & Amnesia Haze

3 wine weed pairing amnesia haze 7 Ultimate Weed & Wine Combos To Try Today
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Most sparkling wines have a very low sugar content, with a dry aftertaste. When considering which cannabis to consume while enjoying the bubbly, go with a strain like Amnesia Haze, which offers a more natural smell; scents like pine, grass and wood are good hints the herb will smoke nicely alongside some champagne. Amnesia Haze also won multiple first place awards at Cannabis Cups over the years, so the effects are well tested and sure to please.

4. Dessert Wines & Chocolope

4 wine weed pairing chocolope 7 Ultimate Weed & Wine Combos To Try Today
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Most dessert wines are very sweet and leave a hearty flavor on the pallet. To accompany these decedent tastes, the Chocolope strain provides a slight, pleasant contrasts, with hints of coffee and, what else, chocolate.

5. Light Reds & Blackberry Kush

5 wine weed pairing blackberry kush 7 Ultimate Weed & Wine Combos To Try Today
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Blackberry Kush is the perfect partner for light red wines, which are usually sweet, with bright floral and fruit flavors. This strain is known for its pungent berry scent and strong lemony aftertaste, matching the intense sweetness of the wine, without becoming overpowering.

6. Medium Reds & Raspberry Cough

6 wine weed pairing raspberry cough 7 Ultimate Weed & Wine Combos To Try Today
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Wines like a Merlot are flavored with red berries like raspberry, plums and cherries. To accompany this delicious mix, Raspberry Cough provides a sweet berry taste that seamlessly matches the wine’s characteristics, and provides a delicate contrast with afternotes of mint and spice.

7. Dark Reds & Blue Dragon

7 wine weed pairing blue dragon 7 Ultimate Weed & Wine Combos To Try Today
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Hints of pepper and coffee often flavor full-bodied dark reds, and they are definitely an acquired taste. To match the strong flavors of these wines, Blue Dragon offers an equally strong flavor of fresh blueberries, with a cleansing hint of lemon. These fruity flavors can help to soften the intense dark red’s taste.

What is your favorite wine and weed combo? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

Dee Giznik
May 24, 2016