8 Ways To Avoid Pissing Off Your Dealer (According To Weed Dealers)

So, you already know how you want your weed dealers to treat you. But what about the ones that hold your precious buds? What do they expect from you?

Mar 21, 2017

So, you already know how you want your dealers to treat you. But what about the ones that hold your precious buds? What do they expect from you? A question that not many people think of, indeed. Like you, dealers have some ground rules that they’d like you as the customer to follow. To make certain you never piss off your bud man, here are a list of what-not-to-dos on how to treat your dealer.

1. Avoid code words


Being that weed is still illegal in many parts of the world, people like to come up with code words for pot. But half the time, your dealer has no idea what you mean. Just be straight forward and say what you need. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to shout it.

2. Don’t try to bargain


Everyone gets low on cash from time to time. However, when it comes to weed, you shouldn’t be begging for a deal. If your dealer wants to do you a favor, then they will hook you up. Otherwise, they will give you your money’s worth, and you should be happy with that.

3. Keep the chatter to a minimum


Again, the herb is illegal in some places. Therefore, too much conversating can raise an eyebrow or two. For this reason, it’s best to speak a few friendly words and carry on about your day. After all, they have things to do, too.

4. Never ever talk about your weed dealer’s business


If you want to keep getting your ganja, then you should never openly talk about their profession. Not only does it put them at risk for getting busted, but they will likely never serve you again if you run your mouth too much.

5. Your friends aren’t their friends


Just because you have a friend that wants some bud doesn’t mean your dealer is automatically going to be cool with them. You can put in a word, but it’s up to your dealer whether or not they want to do business with them.

Also, don’t have them come to your friend’s house to bring you the goods. They have your address for a reason. It’s yours, and they trust it.

6. Don’t try to be slick with payment


If you don’t have a lot of money, then you request what you can afford. Attempting to bribe your dealer nine times out of ten will not work in your favor. From time to time, they might front you an extra gram or two. That’s if you ask up front, though.

7. Call your bud man during regular hours

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Believe it or not, even dealers need a good night’s rest, too. Unless they ask you to call them in the middle of the evening, don’t do it.

8. Be patient


Above all, always be patient with the person that holds your precious buds. They have a life, just like you. If they happen to be running a few minutes late, don’t freak out. And especially don’t blow their phone up because of it.

Mar 21, 2017