Incredible New Cannabis Oils Let You Choose How You Want To Feel!

Want to be giggly? Want to be chilled? Want to be energetic? Want to be blissful? Well, thanks to these awesome cannabis oils, you will be able to choose!

Aug 12, 2015 - HERB

A brand new company called Ebbu is trying to change the game with its cannabis oils. It is the type of innovation we have been waiting to see perfected within the cannabis industry.

Through their flavored carbonated drinks and cannabis cakes, they allow you to choose the high you want. Want to be giggly? Want to be chilled? Want to be energetic? Want to be creative? Want to be blissful? You are able to choose your “high” and also choose the strength of that specific “high.”

Ebbu’s cofounder Dooma Wendschuh compared the company’s style of work similar to a distillery.

“We’ve pioneered a technology that let’s us create an entirely new product,” he stated.

By extracting specific cannabinoids (chemicals in cannabis with specific uses/benefits) within the plant, they distill each specific cannabinoid necessary into basic oils. The result? An unsuspecting high every time a consumer uses their drinks or edibles.

See their video below and let us know what you think!

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