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High Culture: How Mila Jansen Became The Queen Of Hash

Elvis was the King of Rock and Roll, and Mila Jansen is the Queen of hash. 

If you haven’t heard about this heroine of cannabis, it’s about time you learn about the person that transformed hashing. Before inventing her Pollinator, the machine that mechanically separates the trichomes from the rest of the flower, hashing was made entirely by hand.

This invention gave her the title of queen of hash. It was also the reason why High Times Magazine honored her with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Truth be told: Mila Jansen was the very first female cannabis icon, much before any legalization or before there were any stellar cannabis ladies.

This innovative invention revolutionized the world of cannabis! Imagine cutting the time it took to make hash to a fraction of what it would take. This England-born icon completely transformed the weed game.

Who Is Mila Jansen?

Jansen was born in Liverpool in 1944. She was raised in Amsterdam, where she now resides. In the process, she traveled the world and settled in India for 14 years! At the time, Mila was 24 years old and had a daughter.

Mila Jansen began smoking hash in Amsterdam in the winter of 1964 or 1965. She was 20 years old at the time. There were no flowers in the entire city then, but there were other ways to do things.

Some waiters were in contact with sellers in the port region, which is how the dark and sticky resin entered. Hash normally arrives by sea from the Middle East. “That’s how it was before coffee shops,” Jansen explained.

You can read her autobiography if you’re interested in learning more about Mila’s life. ‘’How I Became The Queen Of Hash’’ is an intense and interesting read that details her life and passions. It took Jansen roughly eleven years to complete it, as she wrote it when the location and mood felt indicated.

How Did Mila Jansen Begin?

Mila Jansen is a trailblazer in the cannabis sector. This industry had previously been dominated by men. In 1960s Amsterdam, she opened a tea house, which became the place to be for the burgeoning underground culture and is now recognized as a forerunner of the world’s famed coffeeshops.

She has run her own company in hash-making gadgets since the 1990s, and her game-changing inventions have impacted the future of this area. Mila was recently named one of the 100 most influential persons in the cannabis industry.

Mila’s Kink 22 studio was a fixture on the avant-garde fashion circuit in Amsterdam. Later, she went to Cleo de Merode, a drug-friendly tea shop where artists and other personalities from Dutch Bohemian society congregated.

They operated a tea house. Travelers from the east, as well as some American dropouts from the Vietnam War, used to go there. The flower was shared or exchanged; it was never sold, which is a significant distinction.

Some people refer to her as “the owner of Amsterdam’s first coffee shop,” although this is not totally accurate. The truth is that people used to congregate there to smoke and share hash.

Living on the edge of the law was challenging, and having a kid made it even more difficult. That, combined with her perpetually adventurous nature, drove her to embark on her long voyage around Asia with her base in India.

During her travels through that region, she witnessed the production of hash in nations such as Pakistan and Afghanistan. This was one of the key moments that led to her success and honor of being the queen of hash.

A Preference For Hash

Mila Jansen is known in the weed world. She is also a recognized lover of hash, preferring it over flower a thousandfold. This sole motive might have been what sparked her to innovate and explore to create the Pollinator.

When Mila returned to Amsterdam in 1988 the coffee shop boom had already been set in motion. There was no hash, just flower. She did not really enjoy the taste and effect of dry flowers, so her preference for resin made her make her own hash.

Jansen began growing in order to make her own hash. This process, however, would take her around twenty minutes to make enough hash for one joint. She knew something had to be done.

Centrifugal Force To The Rescue

Mila Jansen was already a mother of four. Assuming she spent a lot of time washing, her inspiration for the Pollinator came from watching the dryer spin. In essence, it’s the same mechanism, minus the heat.

In order to separate the crystals from the flower and leaves, she began testing by using the dryer with the heat turned off. The centrifugal force of the dryer did its job. She even used her own sewing machine to make her first pollinator bags.

This inspirational woman had a craving. She needed to satisfy her demand for a product she could make her own but would take too much time. A little creativity and innovation made her create a machine that took the industry to a whole different level.

The most inspiring part is how she transformed a whole industry that was actually run by men! Her creativity and wit were paramount to advancing past the manual process of hashing

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