The Links Between Weed And Spirituality

The use of the cannabis plant has been essential in the history of spiritual movements and religious perspectives across nations and times.

Back in the day, about eight thousand years ago in China, cannabis seeds were nourishment for communities and the plant was a useful tool in the creation of textiles and cordages, eventually becoming a historically significant plant. 

Across Central Asia and India five thousand years later, cannabis was used in rituals, symbolically left in graves, offered up to the higher powers, and used as incense and for medicinal purposes. 

There’s no question about it: history has its fair share of stories that prove the significance of the cannabis plant, even thousands of years ago, especially when it comes to things we still use weed for, even today: spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness and betterment. From smoking marijuana to using CBD products, the varied effects of cannabis have been utilized by humans for millennia. 

In today’s world, the growing legalization of cannabis products, particularly in the United States, has made it easier than ever to reap the benefits of cannabis accessibility, especially when talking about non-psychoactive products like CBD. 

Together with our friends at Binoid, we’re exploring the connection between spirituality and CBD in particular, one of the most widely-used and medicinally-beneficial compounds of cannabis. Binoid carries a huge variety of

Delta 9 THC-free products, so make sure to check them out if you’re in the market for something relaxing, something relieving, or a pick-me-up. 

The History Between Cannabis And Spirituality

It’s no question that most of the marijuana plants’ spiritual properties come from smoking its Delta 9 THC, the most important psychoactive compound that to this day fills up bongs, pipes, and joints across the world.

Ancient civilizations made daily and spiritual use of cannabis. Some of the earliest evidence dates back to ancient China, where a nearly three-thousand-year-old mummified man of high social status from the Indo-European Gushi tribe was found with no less than 789g of cannabis – an enviable amount. Way back when different civilizations used marijuana in their day-to-day and spiritual lives. 

By the second century AD, marijuana was listed as a medicinal herb in the Divine Farmer’s Classic of Materia Medica by Shén Nóng Běncǎo Jīng, a classic in the history of Chinese medicine. 

As per the book, one of its quotes reads “Prolonged consumption frees the spirit light and lightens the body.” 

Across Asia, spiritual cannabis use was becoming more common. In India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, it became a pillar and spread into one of the world’s most important religions: Hinduism. In the ancient Hindu text Atharva Veda, it’s classified as one of the five sacred plants with spiritual and medicinal properties. 

In southern Siberia, the Scythians were also lighting up (quite literally). Warriors, archers, hunters, and horsemen would create a tent with marijuana and hot stones, letting themselves inhale insane amounts of ganja.

In the Middle East, the cannabis plant was also doing its rounds back in the day. The Avesta, a sacred Zoroastrian text that pre-dates the birth of Islam refers to it as a “good narcotic”. High five, author of the Avesta. Special credit also to the Jewish Talmud, which refers to cannabis as having euphoric properties. 

The Rastafarian communities also share a great deal of their history with the cannabis plant, giving it star status in the culture and modern pop culture. 

We’d need many more examples to cover the importance of cannabis in spirituality across history, but this covers some of the best points. Now, let’s get into the relevance of spirituality and cannabis today. 

Using CBD For Your Spirituality

While THC is usually the compound we think of when we talk about spirituality because of its psychoactive properties, the truth is you don’t need to get high to get the most out of the cannabis plant and its spiritual benefits. 

CBD, the second most well-known compound in cannabis, can do wonders for spiritual health and growth. 

Products like Binoid’s Calm Day CBD Oil, which boosts the immune system, along with providing a relaxing, stress-free sensation without the mind-altering madness. For a calm spirit, we suggest exploring your spiritual connection through the charm of Binoid.

So, what are the actual spiritual benefits CBD can offer? Here we go: 

  • When used during a meditational period, CBD can help clear the mind and amplify the sensations, leading to a more profound session that will leave you feeling like the weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. 
  • Because it’s used as an entheogenic medicine, it can heighten mindfulness and focus. 
  • The medicinal physical benefits of CBD can affect the body, heart, and, mind. CBD helps loosen you up, ease up those anxious thoughts, fight against depression, and plays around with the nervous system, making calmness easier to reach. 
  • It’s CBD, so all of that: the effects different CBD products have on the nervous, immune, and nervous systems can alternate your emotional well-being as well as physical health. 
  • Sometimes, all we need to do is calm down and take a breath. CBD’s benefits help us feel spiritually at peace, giving us room to breathe and focus on the moment. 

Marijuana Rituals

Cannabis hasn’t just been a plant of recreational use and medical significance; for thousands of years, marijuana has played a central role in various rituals around the world. These rituals have shaped societies’ cultural and spiritual fabric, embedding cannabis in their histories and traditions.

Rastafarianism and the Ganja Ceremony 

Originating in Jamaica, the Rastafarian religion considers cannabis, or ‘ganja,’ a sacred herb that can clean the body and mind while healing the soul through clarity and insight. 

During rituals, participants gather in a circle of prayer, passing the ganja in a particular order. The ritual is often paired with chanting and drumming to promote spiritual growth.

Sadhus and the Chillum 

In India, or Sadhus, or holy men dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, cannabis has been used as a sacrament for many centuries. 

One of the most prevalent rituals includes smoking cannabis through chillum, which is a conical clay pipe.

It is believed that smoking marijuana this way can help consumers achieve a divine state of meditation, becoming closer to Shiva. 

Cannabis and the African Diaspora 

Various African cultures have used marijuana in healing rituals, divination, and communion with their ancestral spirits. 

Traditions involving cannabis were carried throughout the Atlantic during the slave trade, and elements persist in certain Afro-Caribbean religious practices today

Scythian Funeral Rites 

Herodotus, an ancient Greek historian, wrote about the Scythians’ funeral rites involving cannabis. 

Cannabis seeds would burn on hot stones inside small tents with the deceased to cleanse the body before burial.

Cannabis Yoga and Meditation 

Cannabis has found its place in modern yoga and meditation practices. 

Many individuals smoke cannabis to enhance the mind-body connection, or to enhance focus and relaxation. 

Some yoga studios offer cannabis-friendly classes. Otherwise, smoking, vaping, or ingesting edibles before the session can help elevate the experience.

New Generations Of Spiritual Consumers

Today’s ever-evolving world is giving rise to a new generation of cannabis consumers, ones who are increasingly blending the use of cannabis with spiritual practices. 

As global perspectives shift, there seems to be a unique fusion between tradition, modernity, and spirituality, especially amidst today’s youth. 

New generations of spiritual consumers are focused on self-awareness, self-improvement, and a personalized approach to spirituality. Cannabis is recognized for its ability to promote introspection and meditation thus it is increasingly used as a tool to achieve spiritual insights. 

The modern young consumer often views health from a holistic lens, embracing the interconnected nature of the mind, body, and spirit. Cannabis is viewed as fitting somewhat seamlessly into this framework, serving as a remedy for physical ailments while facilitating mental peace and spiritual growth. 

All in all, the cannabis plant is no longer just an ancient sacrament – it is a contemporary ally, guiding many spiritual beings toward a deeper, more enriched understanding of themselves and the universe they reside in.

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