Do you find yourself dreading the day when you know it’s time to clean your bong? Well, we’ve got a simple hack that can drastically change how often you have to clean your glass. It’s cheap, simple, and most of all, effective. Simply adding some concentrated lemon juice in your bong water can change the way the resin reacts with your piece.

Why a clean bong is important

Bong clean hack 1 This Simple Hack Will Change How You Clean Your Bong
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If you don’t keep your bong somewhat clean, the smoke will end up getting dirtied by the leftover residues of your previous session. Smoking up from a dirty bong can also lead to a number of health problems like pneumonia, bronchitis, emphysema and other respiratory problems.

You’ll also get better airflow, cannabis flavor, and smoother smoke when using a well-maintained glass bong. So how exactly does a glass bong get so dirty after just a couple of uses without being cleaned?

Well, it all comes down to the oils that are in the cannabis plant. When the flower gets ignited, all of the oils and plant material turn into a gas. But, not all of that smoke finds its way into your lungs.

Even though bongs are made to handle large concentrations of smoke, the glass on the inside tends to attract oils and resin. This is similar to a piece of chicken sticking to the bottom of a baking pan. Very hot oils have the tendency to stick to anything it can find.

So how can we prevent this from occurring in our glass bongs?

When life gives you lemons

Bong clean hack 2 This Simple Hack Will Change How You Clean Your Bong
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Simply dropping around 10 drops of any brand of concentrated lemon juice can drastically change the way cannabis smoke interacts with your glass. The acidity in the lemon juice will dissolve the excess oils in your smoke while preventing a build-up of resin throughout your piece.

It will also give your toke a nice and refreshing lemon taste. Imagine using this technique with a highly citrusy strain.

Try it with super lemon haze or orange crush and enjoy the both the intense flavor and not having to clean your bong!