While there are other countries who have far more users, according to the 2017 Global Drug Survey, one country loves smoking weed with a bong more than any other: Australia. The survey, conducted by a partnership of harm-reduction groups and global media to examine drug habits around the world, shows that three-quarters of the 5,700 Australian participants had used illicit drugs, with cannabis being the most used illegal drug.

The land down under

asleg2 This Country Smokes More Bongs Than Anyone Else
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According to the Sydney Morning Herald, weed is even more prevalent than legal drugs, such as caffeinated beverages and tobacco. And when it comes to smoking their favorite herb, Australians are doing so with bongs AKA the “Gatorade Saxophone,” the report shows.

The survey doesn’t say just why that is, but the popularity explains the repeated thefts of garden hoses around the country, as well as how there are business that create ceramic bongs, which resemble Australian icons, from the kangaroos to sporting stars.

Another interesting fact, which was found in the survey, is that Australians prefer mixing their weed with tobacco.

Following weed, which holds the top spot, on the list of popular drugs for Aussies is MDMA, cocaine, and LSD. That’s despite its cost, too, which is about $240 a gram (that’s double the cost of the next most expensive nation, not including New Zealand). To put that into perspective, Columbia’s price for cocaine is the US $2.39 a gram.

Will these results help Australia change?

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With the survey showing how many Australians use cannabis, there are more calls for drug reform in the land Down Under. While some jurisdictions – South Australia, the Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory – have decriminalized cannabis, there is only the option of depenalisation for the drug in other states.

And that’s despite most Australians supporting some form of decriminalization for all drugs (and the country’s government’s being increasingly pro-medicinal cannabis).

Australia has also just recently legalized the personal and professional use of hemp seeds, which are seen as a superfood in several international markets.