This Is What To Do If You Smoke Laced Weed

Are you worried that your weed was laced? Here are four tips for riding out the experience. If things get rough, get yourself to urgent care!

Jun 4, 2017 - Anna Wilcox

When you’re buying weed off of the streets, you can never really tell what’s in it or whether or not you’re getting a safe product. While most dispensary and coffee shop cannabis is free of weird additives, weed that is laced with cocaine, molly, amphetamines, or even laundry detergent does exist. To learn more about the signs of laced cannabis, visit this article . However, if you’re wondering how to remedy the situation, here are four things to do if you’ve smoked laced weed.

1. Get to Urgent Care

This Is What 1 Stressed? A Little Weed Goes A Long Way, According to New Study
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Whether or not you’re weed was actually laced, if you’re having a bad reaction to cannabis it’s important to get to an urgent care clinic. Some tell-tale signs that you need emergency medical attention include:

  • Seizure (get to the emergency room)
  • An unusual amount of energy
  • Intrusive, racing thoughts
  • Talking incessantly, without stopping or talk nonsense
  • Excessive agitation or aggression
  • Terrible allergic reaction
  • Feeling overly intoxicated or drunk
  • Difficulty staying conscious
  • Memory blackouts.
  • Extreme, debilitating paranoia

2. Phone a friend

This Is What 2 Stressed? A Little Weed Goes A Long Way, According to New Study
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Reactions to laced cannabis depend entirely on what was put on your herb. Sometimes, you may feel a little bit off but not enough to need a trip to urgent care. If you suspect that something is not quite right, getting a trusted friend on the phone can be a real life saver.

Let your friend or loved one know about your concern and let them know exactly how you’re feeling. If your friend is concerned, they may advise you to get to urgent care. Or, they may be able to talk or stay with you until the uncomfortable symptoms subside.

In the case that your reaction to the laced cannabis becomes worse, it’s important to have someone around who understands the situation and can help you if things get spooky.

3.  Let yourself vomit

This Is What 3 Stressed? A Little Weed Goes A Long Way, According to New Study
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If you smoke cannabis or eat an edible and you begin vomiting, chances are you need to get that stuff out of your body. In this instance, it’s best to just let your body do what it needs to do. If you begin vomiting uncontrollably or cannot stop vomiting, it’s time for a trip to urgent care.

If you are searching for relief from nausea or vomiting, here are a few ways to soothe yourself:

  • Sit in a hot shower
  • Take slow sips of water
  • Drink a mug of ginger or peppermint tea
  • Eat simple carbohydrates like white rice or a banana
  • Avoid alcohol and large meals until you are feeling healthy again

4. Get to a safe, comfortable environment

This Is What 4 Stressed? A Little Weed Goes A Long Way, According to New Study
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If you’re not quite at the point of needing urgent care, it’s important to make sure you get to a safe and comfortable environment. Cannabis is known to cause paranoia, which can sometimes make the idea of smoking laced weed more traumatic than the reality of the situation.

While inhaling or ingesting laced weed is a serious problem and deserves close attention, just chilling out can make a big difference. Getting to a quiet space where you can ride out the rest of the experience can certainly help.

However, make sure to contact a trusted friend to keep things on the safe side. If symptoms continue to get worse, get to a doctor.

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