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10 Everyday Household Items You Can Smoke With

In a pinch and need a hit? These household items should do the trick.

We’ve all been there before. You realize you’re out of papers, or your bong/pipe smashes to pieces right before your eyes.

Funny enough, these brutal situations often happen when we need a hit the most.

However, the great thing about stoners is how we’re a creative, curious, and problem-solving bunch. We will never decline a challenge when it comes to finding ways to smoke weed.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the dirty work and listed ten different household items that have your back when you need a hit. Read on to see which everyday items you can smoke with.


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If you’ve never smoked from an apple, are you really a stoner?

It’s as simple as removing the apple’s stem, then jabbing it with a screwdriver down the middle until you’re about halfway into the apple.

Next, take your screwdriver out and create a mouthpiece on the side of the apple by carving an air path until you meet the hole you’ve already created.

Place your weed on top, spark up, then inhale through your DIY mouthpiece.

Pop Can

It’s worth noting that pop cans give off unwanted chemicals that shouldn’t be inhaled. In layman’s terms, this should be your last option.

Lay the can on its side and create a small concave “crater” about 3/4 down. Then, carefully poke small holes in the crater with a knife or tool.

Remove the aluminum cap near the “mouthpiece.” Next, place your weed into the crater and spark up while inhaling from where you’d typically sip.

Plastic Water Bottle

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Making a pipe out of a soda can and plastic water bottle calls for the exact same process. Again, this is another option you should leave for last, considering the harmful chemicals you’ll be inhaling.

Plastic Vase

You can practically make a bong out of anything that resembles a bong, vase, water bottle, etc. In the event you have a bowl piece and downstem but need a bong, a vase is your best bet.

You’ll need a power drill or screwdriver to make a hole on the side, where your downstem will sit. Once you’ve fit the stem inside, fill the bottom with water until the stem’s holes are submerged.

If your vase has a wide “mouthpiece,” cut out a piece of cardboard and tape it to the top of the vase. Then, carve a small hole for you to inhale from.

Spark your bowl like you normally would, and inhale through the small cardboard hole.

Homemade Gravity Bong

It might look intimidating, but making a homemade gravity bong is effortless. You’ll need one large soda bottle and a bucket or pot.

Fill your bucket or pot 1/4 the way full with water. Then, take your soda bottle and cut off the bottom. Remove the cap and place a small piece of tin foil onto the spout, which acts as a bowl piece.

Poke a few holes in the tin foil, then place your weed on top. Next, place your soda bottle into the pot/bucket, touching the bottom.

Light your herb and slowly lift the bottle through the water, watching as the bottle fills with smoke. Remove the tin foil bowl piece and inhale.


Making a pen pipe is very straightforward and one of the easiest ways to smoke without traditional mediums.

Simply remove the cap from the bottom of the pen, then unscrew the ink cartridge. Once the pen’s insides are empty and you can pull air through it, take the bottom pen cap and place it back into the pen backward.

This will act as your bowl piece. From there, pack a bowl into the flipped cap, spark up, and inhale from the opposite end.


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If you happen to have any cigarettes lying around the house, this one might be of interest. It’s as easy as emptying the tobacco from the cigarette and filling it with ground weed.

Hot Knife

Let’s take a trip back to the 70s. The hot knife method can be rather dangerous because you’re heating up metal, so we suggest using oven mitts or a cloth.

Place the end of two butter knives on the stovetop on medium-high heat. After about 2-5 minutes (keep an eye on it), they should be ready.

With oven mitts on (or a cloth), place your weed between the two hot knives and press them together. Your herb should begin to smoke. Once it does, inhale all that pungent goodness.



Get your green thumb going with a simple carrot pipe.

Take a screwdriver or skewer and create a small tunnel through the carrot from base to tip. Then, create a bowl on the side of the carrot that connects to your pre-made tunnel.

Hold the carrot horizontally with the bowl-side up, pack your weed, spark up, and inhale from the end furthest from the bowl.


If you want a sweet toke, grab a pack of Starbursts from your local store. Because they tend to stick together, they’re incredibly easy to mold. Take about 5-7 starbursts, stack them, and stick them together.

Warm them up with your hands, then stick the center with a skewer or screwdriver. On the last Starburst at the end, create a concave bowl for your weed and let it connect to the air tunnel you’ve created in the middle.

Place your DIY pipe in the fridge for about 15 minutes to harden, then voila, your own sweet Starburst pipe.

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