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3 Reasons Why You Need THC-Infused Mints

These treats combine the refreshing sensations of mints with the mild buzz of THC. Here's why you should keep them handy. Created with Satori.

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It’s a great time to be a cannabis aficionado. With new strains and new cannabis-infused products coming out every day, it’s impressive to see all these innovative consumption methods that brands are creating for us. And one of the most exciting recent developments in the cannabis space is that of infused low dosed mints.  

Even though regular cannabis edibles have been around since forever, these microdosed infused treats are just making their way in the market and gaining a fan base. THC mints, for example, are showing a promising future in the cannabis space, especially now in times of COVID-19.

That’s why we have paired up with Satori, a California-based brand that sells premium microdosed naturally flavored peppermint treats, to show you the three reasons why you should have THC mints as part of your stash.

Mask Breath Is A Thing

Have you felt an unpleasant odor while wearing a mask? Well, that does not come from the mask; it comes from your mouth. Now that you have to wear a mask most of the time, at least if you want to avoid getting infected by the coronavirus, you are forced to live with a hard to accept reality: most of the time, you have bad breath. Before, we only had to deal with other people’s bad breath, but now we also have to deal with our own. 

The good news is that mask breath is completely fixable with two easy changes. The first one, elevate your oral hygiene game to eliminate bacteria in your mouth. The second one, carry around some mint-flavored treats for on-the-go freshness. And what a better mint to have than a THC-infused mint. 

With Satori’s naturally-flavored infused treats, you’ll get the freshness of a delicious peppermint treat with the quality of Satori’s products in a pocketable, easy to eat mint.

They Calm You Down As You're Out And About

Moving around town can be stressful, especially now that you’re at risk of getting infected with a virus everywhere you go. Appointments, traffic jams, and rainy days usually take a toll on you and your wellbeing. Here’s when THC mints come in handy. Not only are you getting that fresh sensation in your mouth from the mint, but also a nice mild high from the THC. 

Satori’s peppermint THC mints are precisely microdosed with only 2 mg of THC per mint, not as much as most other mints on the market but just enough to give you that energy boost you need throughout the day. Take one and experience for yourself how that uplifting, clear-headed sensation helps you loosen up and get productive. 

THC mints work differently than regular edibles. Since you won’t be chewing on them and rather letting them melt in your mouth, your body will absorb the THC sublingually, which results in a faster-acting effect similar to the one of an oil or a tincture. With Satori’s mints, this quick onset combined with the microdose makes them a perfect treat for continued use throughout the day.

They Are Discreet

Last but not least, the most obvious but game-changing reason to try THC mints: discreetness. It really does not get any easier to get stoned than with mints. You can literally carry them around in your pocket and pop one whenever you want. Nobody is going to know that you just got high. 

There’s no better alternative to microdose than mints. Forget about the hassle of lighting a joint or carrying around a stash. Just put them in your pocket and eat one whenever you feel like it. Enjoy that mild uplifting buzz that you get from the mint without anyone noticing and in less than one minute.

Satori’s peppermint treats come in a beautifully designed metal case that you can carry around anywhere. With 50 mints per case and a mild dose of only 2 mg each, Satori’s infused mints are a great, delicious, hassle-free way of getting high.

January 07, 2021
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January 07, 2021
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