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The 10 Best CBD Gums Of 2024

Chew & chill with the best CBD gum on the market.

These days, CBD is everywhere. You can even get it in your toothpaste, and if that’s not enough to convince you to try the trendy supplement, CBD chewing gum might do the trick. CBD gum isn’t your average CBD product. It offers all the same benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) without getting you high.

For some people, chewing is a natural and relaxing way to consume an active substance. CBD gum does this by getting straight into the bloodstream for fast-acting effects. This is not another weird CBD infused product, CBD gum is really something you should look into if you’re looking for a new way to get your daily CBD.

Let’s explore what’s behind these soothing chewing treats.

What Is CBD Gum

In a nutshell, CBD gum is a common chewing gum infused with CBD (cannabidiol), one of the different cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Usually, producers extract CBD from hemp, a specific cultivar of cannabis that contains very low THC levels. THC is the psychotropic substance in cannabis, which means hemp will never get you high. 

It is worth highlighting that producers have created different ways to consume CBD, and gum is a great choice for consumers due to its diverse flavors, benefits, and unnoticed form of consumption.

Benefits Of CBD Gum

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When talking about the benefits of CBD gum, we have to remember that cannabidiol (CBD) is commonly better known in the scientific field as the “medical compound” of cannabis.

Its main benefits are related to helping reduce anxiety, promote tranquillity, support a good night’s sleep, soothe general aches & pains, a healthier skin, post-workout recovery, reduce inflammation, maintain a relaxed mood, and of course, a fresh breath.

Compared to edibles, pills, and tinctures, chewing gum allows people to enjoy the effects more softly. Chewing brightly may be a better option mainly due to the side effects of CBD and also because it is the kind of consumption that can subside the jitters more quickly.

How Does CBD Chewing Gum Work

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First of all, let us explain to you how CBD works. For this, it is necessary to understand that CBD works in our bodies by interacting with our endocannabinoid system, or ECS. 

In short, the ECS is a neuromodulatory system that interacts and plays important roles in central nervous system development and is composed of cannabinoid receptors (mostly found in every nook of the human body), endogenous cannabinoids (endocannabinoids), and enzymes responsible for the synthesis and degradation of the endocannabinoids. 

Knowing that it is easier to explain how CBD gum works. Basically, when you eat CBD gum, you release CBD through your cheek, so it is getting absorbed sublingually and submucosally and goes directly to the bloodstream to interact with the ECS and generate its different sensations reflected in different benefits previously mentioned.

Top CBD Chewing Gum On The Market

You’ve probably seen all the fantastic benefits that CBD can offer. But finding suitable CBD gum can be a challenge. Here’s a list of some of the best options on the market to make things easy.

Fresher With Plain Jane

Ready to chill out and freshen up? Plain Jane gum is on the bench sayin’ “put me in coach.” Are stress chewing, nail biting and jaw clenching affecting your oral health? There are better options.

20mg of CBD in each piece and ready to take you down three notches. Plain Jane has curated the process, purchase to enjoyment with money back guarantee and easy returns, she is ready to take all the stress out of you.

Why live with angst when you can chew some gum? When it comes to managing stress, there are plenty of options out there. But if you’re looking for a natural way to help relieve your tension, give Plain Jane’s CBD gum a try.


Favour Gum is created with USA-grown hemp oil from a CO2 extraction process, and its formula guarantees precise distribution for 100% consistency with each & every dose. 

Favour ensures that a higher bioavailability of CBD is delivered into your bloodstream, 5x faster than ingested pills or capsules. It is perfect during the day, just before a meeting, during an exam, or after work. Favour works when you need it, it’s easy to transport — and it’s fun.

Favour experience is created to allow you to try out a single pack, stock up, or subscribe. 

It is also good to know every pack comes with 8 gum tablets 10 mg of CBD per piece. This product is allergen-free, sugar-free, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

Medterra CBD Gum

With 20 mg of CBD combined with nootropics (compounds that have been shown to help boost brainpower) L-theanine, L-tyrosine, and vitamin B6, Medterra CBD Gum is designed to ease your mind during the day in a tasty and discreet way while you’re tackling life’s shifting priorities and responsibilities.

Medterra CBD Gum focuses on helping you go to sports, business, family time, or anything that might rattle your nerves. It comes in a 12 pack box where you won’t find any artificial ingredients or colors.

So, CBD benefits plus focused is a great choice to have on your pocket anytime you need it.

CBD American Shaman Gum

CBD American Shaman describes itself as a company dedicated to bringing wellness to the world through ultra-concentrated terpene-rich CBD oil derived from all-natural, high-quality industrial hemp. 

CBD American Shaman Gum is a great way to consume CBD discreetly anywhere. Every piece contains 7 mg of terpene-rich CBD oil, which will help you provide positive mental support, help improve mood, promote relaxation, help maintain your immune system and cardiovascular function, relieve mild discomfort, and of course, make your breath smell minty fresh! 

Their CBD Gum is gluten-free and eco-friendly and is batch tested using Ultra-High-Performance Convergence Chromatography.

Endoca CBD Gum

If you want to chew with consciousness, Endoca CBD Chewing Gum is a great option thanks to its production thinking in the environment and, as they mention, “the lungs of our planet,” the Amazon. Endoca, as a producer, plants chicle trees for every pack of gum they make to prevent deforestation.

Being a plastic-free gum, with no synthetic ingredients, 100% biodegradable made with chicle tree, Endoca CBD Chewing Gum becomes a  fantastic way to experience the benefits of the hemp plant, like feelings of calm with none of the environmental hazards of normal chewing gum.

ViB Gum

Solving the problem that many consumers were sick of seeing the same gummies and tinctures, ViB brought something new and unique to the market with their CBD gum.

Their process ensures a perfect delivery knowing sublingual absorption through the mouth is one of the most effective methods of taking CBD, so you get the absorption of a tincture with the convenience and flavor of gum.

Each pack provides you with 200 mg of broad-spectrum CBD (25 mg per piece), the highest of any on the market. ViB Gum will help you relieve anxiety, stress & nerves, increase focus and ease the pain with a fresh icy mint flavor.

Level CBD Gum

LEVEL CBD Gum is a discrete and easy to take option designed to fit into your everyday life, consistent with the product being scientifically crafted to deliver the desired effect and flavorful thanks to its minty flavor. This CBD gum is sugar-free, gluten-free and Xylitol sweetened to enhance oral health. 

The LEVEL CBD Gum will keep you centered throughout your day, and stress won’t bug you in the same way. It is a great option for a situation when you need something to take the edge out but still needs to be clear-headed. Each piece contains 10 mg of CBD for a calming effect you will feel quickly.

CBD Infusionz Gum

CBD Infusionz Spearmint Flavored CBD Gum is characterized by its refreshing taste and the facility to obtain different presentations such as 10, 30, and 60 count packages. Each piece comes with 20 mg of broad-spectrum CBD.

CBD Infusionz Spearmint Flavored CBD Gum helps you combat anxiety, promote tranquillity, soothe general aches & pains, and calm your head in stressful situations. 

CBD Infusionz also sells Grape flavored CBD gum.

Best CBD Gum For Golf

Looking for something to calm you down while you’re out on the golf course? Check out these options.

Cüre VIBES Gum

Each pack of Cüre VIBES Gum contains 8 pieces 10 mg with a fast-acting effect that is absorbed directly into the body.

With Cüre VIBES Gum, you will experience a great tasting CBD chewing gum in grape and spearmint flavor. Ideally good whether at the golf course, an important meeting, or just any day situation. The full-spectrum hemp extract gum will give you the mental edge you need throughout the day. 

Find this gum in Grape and Spearmint flavor.

Every Day Optimal CBD Gum

Made in the USA and defined as a “sublingual administration masterpiece” and considered a lifesaver for its consumers, Every Day Optimal CBD Gum is a great and effective option to treat pain, combat anxiety, or just relax after a long day.

Every Day Optimal CBD Gum’s natural characteristics make its flavor light and not overpowering. It is vigorously tested by a certified third-party laboratory, ensuring you will receive safe, high-quality, and potent CBD products that won’t get you high.

BioSteel Isolate Sugar-Free CBD Gum

BioSteel CBD Isolate Sugar-Free Gum has been particularly popular thanks to the re-definition of how people practice sports and view sports supplements. This means it is a great option at the moment of practicing sports and physical activity.

This CBD Gum comes in a peppermint and mint flavor that is aspartame-free and contains no artificial flavors. It’s sugar-free, and each gum is infused with 15 mg of CBD isolate per piece, which will bring you calm and relaxation every time you need it.

Best CBD Gum Company


Photo courtesy of Favour

For a trusted CBD provider, you can count on, try Favour. This top-quality CBD gum is guaranteed to help you relax and be less anxious. That way, you can enhance your everyday life!

Thanks to careful and consistent quality control, this is the best CBD oil available on the market. Its producers use all-natural hemp oil that is non-GMO, and they undergo third-party lab testing to ensure their products meet the highest standards possible.

Best Place To Buy CBD Chewing Gum

The internet is full of websites offering a large selection of CBD chewing gum, but not all of them stand as good options. After in-depth research, we’ve found the two best sites to buy CBD chewing gum on the market.

First, just go to Favour’s website and check out what they have to offer. Being one of the newest CBD gum brands in the industry, they are bringing a new level of craftsmanship and formulations to the CBD chewing gum space.

If you want more options, check our DirectCBDOnline. This marketplace has the largest selection of CBD products out there, including a few CBD gum options.

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