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Learn | 03.16.2023

4 Scenarios When Low-THC Is Better

Sometimes, it's not all about high THC.

It’s tempting to reach for your regular high-THC weed when looking for a pick-me-up. However, there are times when a feeling of regret lingers in, whether that’s through the form of anxiety, mega-distraction, or paranoia.

We encourage you to broaden your horizons and change things up. Any seasoned user can benefit from low doses of THC from time to time. Although getting high is fun, THC can be used in smaller doses to help you seize the day with confidence, poise, and energy.

Below, we’ve listed 4 scenarios when it’s better to use low-THC products rather than potent high-THC goods. See below for more information about the perfect times to limit your doses.

Starting Your Day

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A good ol’ wake and bake might be your go-to in the morning. Have you ever considered smaller THC doses in the morning?

Wake and bakes can flood our serotonin receptors since serotonin levels are usually at their lowest in the mornings. Thus, overdoing it on THC could cause a decrease in serotonin a few hours later, leading to fatigue and brain fog.

On the other hand, low THC doesn’t flood serotonin receptors, meaning you’ll have more energy and clarity throughout the day.

An Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

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Falling into an afternoon lull can be easy. Hold back on Starbucks for your afternoon pick-me-up and chew on a few low-THC gummies instead.

Instead of feeling jittery and anxious due to caffeine (or high THC), low doses of THC can help keep you sharp, motivated, and ready to finish your daily tasks.

To Increase Focus

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Low doses of THC can increase motivation and creativity. It’s the perfect excuse to try it when elbow-deep into a demanding task that requires detail and attention.

Low doses of THC have a slightly cerebral effect that decreases anxiety and increases positive thoughts. Not only will it keep you relaxed, but it will add a little pizzazz to your routine.

Decreasing Anxiety

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For some, high levels of THC can lead to increased paranoia and anxiety, which is why experimenting with lower doses of THC is ideal for finding your perfect balance.

When you’re feeling anxious and need to take the edge off, try lower doses of THC instead. It still has an incredibly relaxing effect but won’t overpower the senses with paranoia or extra anxiety.

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