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420 Pounds Of Bliss: Zen Cannabis To Launch The World’s Largest THC Chocolate Bar

Oklahoma City locals, prepare to be wowed this 4/20 with THE BIG ZEN, the world's largest chocolate edible.

It’s not every day a cannabis brand makes history. While the first vaporizers, concentrates, and legal edibles were all thrilling industry-firsts, we’ve got another coming your way. This time, it’ll make your mouth water.

Zen Cannabis, whose edibles are taking the market by storm in California, Missouri, Massachusetts, and Oklahoma, just announced the upcoming launch of THE BIG ZEN, the world’s largest and most expensive cannabis-infused chocolate bar.

Can you handle 420 pounds of pure chocolatey bliss? Read on to learn more about Zen Cannabis and THE BIG ZEN, a monstrous edible that’s making cannabis history.

Prepare To Be WOWED

Zen Cannabis is changing the edibles game this 4/20 with the launch of THE BIG ZEN, the brand’s newest and biggest addition yet.

In true stoner fashion, THE BIG ZEN weighs a whopping 420 pounds. You read that right—420 pounds of pure chocolatey goodness alongside record-breaking dimensions and THC levels.

Zen Cannabis founder Jeremy Zachary is proud to head a brand that’s making cannabis history. The brand’s colossal chocolate bar is packed with over 100 pounds of cannabis flower. But how much THC is in this record-breaking bar? A generous 4,200,000mg, to be exact.

We’re talking 9 x 4 feet of sweetness that will bring any cannabis connoisseur to their knees. Zen Cannabis will launch THE BIG ZEN in Oklahoma City this 4/20 (April 20, 2023). Can you handle the madness?

About Zen Cannabis

When you want edibles done right, check out Zen Cannabis. This brand is America’s fastest-growing national cannabis edibles brand, quickly becoming the top pick for edible lovers nationwide.

Zen Cannabis currently offers products in the following states:

  • California
  • Missouri
  • Oklahoma
  • Massachusetts

Not to mention distributing to over 20 European countries with ZenCBD. It’s clear that Zen Cannabis is taking the edibles world by storm, thanks to their range of top-shelf gummies, chocolates, tinctures, and drinks that are available in various potencies and cannabinoid combinations.

Whether you’re a beginner or a connoisseur, Zen Cannabis creates reliable and high-quality goods that anyone can enjoy. The brand sources ingredients locally while engineering products with the utmost care and creativity, ensuring you can find a new favorite product with each purchase.

At the end of the day, this is a brand that’s carefully preserving the precious cannabis culture by prioritizing trends and tastes. They keep their catalog up to date with the latest trends while ensuring your experience is always flavorful, enjoyable, and fun.

For more products and information about Zen Cannabis, visit their website at zencannabis.com.

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