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5 Tips To Pair Cannabis And Whiskey

How to get cross-faded the right way. Created with Cornbread Hemp.

If there’s one thing we’ve all tried, it’s getting cross-faded.

Whether you enjoy this sensation or not, did you know there are actually specific ways to get cross-faded while minimizing your risk for a hangover safely?

When mixing cannabis with whiskey, some users report an increase in anxiety, so we suggest bringing along quality products from the only USDA certified organic provider of full-spectrum, Flower-Only™ CBD goodies – Cornbread Hemp.

Now that you’re ready to do some serious mixing, let’s understand how you can do so in the safest way.

Stay In Your Comfort Zone

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This is the only time we’d like to encourage you to NOT step out of your comfort zone.

Go with what your body knows best, and if that’s a classic American whiskey or an 18% THC hybrid strain, don’t start to change things up when mixing the two.

This goes for alcohol in general; if there are certain kinds that you know your stomach doesn’t agree with, like rum, vodka, etc., now is not the time to give them a chance.

Don't Overdo It

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Now that you’re ingesting substances your body is used to, figure out an appropriate time to stop.

You might be able to smoke a whole blunt to the face on a regular day, but pairing an entire blunt with whiskey might not be the best idea.

When combined, even in the smallest amounts, these substances tend to act off each other and make you feel even more high or intoxicated.

Take Necessary Precautions

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Your main focus when mixing cannabis with whiskey should be to stay hydrated.

Because alcohol and weed are both dehydrating, pairing them can result in weakness, nausea, and a terrible hangover.

If you’re prone to anxiety, bring along a CBD oil to calm your mind and relieve your body’s nausea.

The best CBD product to do so is Cornbread Hemp’s Full-Spectrum CBD oil, allowing you to take it down a notch if, by chance, you sip or smoke a little too much.

Properly Pairing Cannabis & Whiskey

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Ever heard of the term “beer before liquor never sicker”? There’s no saying like this for cannabis, but we want to inform you that smoking before drinking is the safest way to go.

Because THC slows down the absorption of alcohol, you may start to feel intoxicated a while after you drink, but not immediately.

This helps your body’s blood alcohol levels decrease, minimizing your risk of a hangover the following day.

Munch Away

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Drinking on an empty stomach is popular for people with higher tolerances or “heavyweights” because alcohol tends to hit them faster and harder without being absorbed by food.

When pairing alcohol with cannabis, your stomach won’t thank you for staying empty.

We encourage you to not only eat a meal two hours before heading out but to snack on oil-free foods to help your body absorb alcohol quicker, so you don’t feel horrible after a deep slumber.

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