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Learn | 01.25.2022

A Non-Drinker Tried Weed Drinks For The First Time; Here’s What Happened

THC beverages are perfect for infrequent cannabis users; here's why. Created with Keef.

There’s nothing more refreshing than hearing someone brag about their newfound love for cannabis and the positive experience they encountered.

Today, we’re hearing a new story from a Canadian writer known as Alex Swanson, who began his first weed drink venture with Keef’s THC beverages

In October 2019, cannabis edibles and beverages were legalized in Canada, but there was extensive trial and error for consumers to find the products that worked best for them.

A lengthy government approval process and production delays elongated the country’s introduction to the edible experience.

But, after moving to California in 2021, Swanson was able to try one of our favorite THC beverages from Keef

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Alex isn’t much of a drinker and enjoys the casual aspect of cannabis in social settings. At events where alcohol is the main feature, you can catch Swanson sipping on a mocktail or eating an edible cookie.

He was incredibly eager to start sipping on a cannabis beverage as it offers a more sociable and party-friendly alternative than munching on a treat in the corner.

Swanson wasn’t aware that THC beverages usually kick in faster than regular edibles. This is because edibles are often made with oil-based ingredients that can take 45 to 90 minutes to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Most THC drinks on the market are created with water-based formulations to produce effects on the user in 8 to 15 minutes, making them ideal for parties and events.

Photo courtesy of Keef

Swanson is a huge fan of root beer, so we thought Keef’s Bubba Kush Root Beer Classic Soda would be his best bet. It turns out we were right.

Alex adored the sweet and nostalgic root beer taste in this beverage, and what surprised him was the lifted, talkative, and relaxed sensation he felt from the beverage’s various hybrid strains. 

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The 10mg THC was just what he needed to perk up and let loose without giving in to peer pressure and drinking alcohol.

We encourage new and infrequent cannabis users to take after Alex Swanson and look towards Keef Brands’ THC Beverages to help liven the party when alcohol is out of the question. 

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