Behind The Business: Dutchie Is The #1 Dispensary POS System

Experience one interconnected workspace with Dutchie's game-changing cannabis retail POS system.

Do you want your dispensary to stand out from the competition

Maybe you take pride in offering a carefully curated selection of brands and products. Or perhaps you’re a small, local shop that only carries products and brands from your region. 

Whatever operation you might run, all dispensaries need a cannabis retail POS system. These point-of-sale systems provide your shop with the means to ensure your day-to-day is speedy, efficient, and interconnected. 

A quality POS system can turn a mediocre dispensary into a great one. Not only do they streamline the in-store experience for consumers, but employees too. However, you don’t want just any POS system, especially in the complex cannabis industry with seed-to-sale tracking and law compliance. 

You need Dutchie’s POS system, our industry’s leading retail point-of-sale solution. From front-of-house to back-of-house, Dutchie has you covered. See how you can manage your business with one efficient and interconnected workflow. 

About Dutchie

From a consumer’s perspective, Dutchie connects them with the leading brands and products in their area. It lets consumers order for pickup or delivery and connects them with the best products, shops, and brands accessible in their specific region. 

From a business perspective, Dutchie does much more than that. It is the #1 cannabis retail POS system designed to streamline operations and make your day-to-day seamless. If you’re launching a dispensary or want to give your shop the efficient revamp it needs, Dutchie provides all retailers with the support they need to thrive. 

Dutchie’s solutions are designed for dispensaries of all kinds, including:

  • Single shops
  • Shops with multiple locations
  • Multi-state operators

It offers fully integrated and automated solutions to track and manage your store’s retail and supply chain, plus other essential features you need to operate your dispensary with ease. 

Dutchie’s software is used by some of the industry’s leading brands and dispensaries, including:

  • Curaleaf
  • Verano
  • Columbia Care
  • Acreage Holdings
  • Planet 13
  • Tweed
  • Honey Pot Cannabis

Dutchie POS

Dutchie offers one complete solution for both front-of-house and back-of-house operations. It also provides hardware to support its fully integrated solutions to ensure your dispensary’s day-to-day is smooth, interconnected, and efficient. 

Whether that’s tracking which products are the most popular or keeping an eye on inventory, Dutchie’s fully integrated solutions let you run operations seamlessly by assisting with processes like:

  • Payments
  • Tracking
  • Compliance
  • Inventory

Training your staff with Dutchie’s solutions and hardware is effortless. It’s intuitive and easy to navigate, meaning your shop can get up and running with Dutchie’s solutions within the same day. 

Front Of House

Dutchie’s hardware includes an intuitive and state-of-the-art register that cashiers and customers will both value. 

It’s incredibly easy to navigate, featuring a 15″ touchscreen display and a 10″ customer-facing display. It lets you receive your shop’s orders in one place, from delivery and eCommerce to in-person sales. 

These displays provide a modern approach to cannabis retail while helping the consumer break down their purchases through a visual display of their products. 

Dutchie also offers fully-integrated payments to reduce cash fees while boosting revenue with support for debit purchases and Dutchie Pay.

Its register includes essential accessories like:

  • Customer-facing display
  • Cash drawer
  • Receipt printer
  • Back office printer
  • Barcode scanner

Back Of House

As mentioned, Dutchie’s back-of-house POS system includes a back-office printer and barcode scanner to track inventory. Every dispensary needs to have an efficient back office. Luckily, Dutchie’s back-of-house tools let you keep track of your products from seed to sale. 

Dutchie’s custom dashboard also includes needed features like tracking various aspects of your dispensary, including:

  • Sales
  • Popular products
  • Average cart value
  • Busiest hours

With such valuable tools, intuitive hardware, and needed solutions for an efficient workspace, Dutchie’s POS system is your best bet for a thriving dispensary. Not only does it benefit your employees, but it makes the consumer’s experience a breeze. 

For more information about Dutchie, visit its website at

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