Behind The Business: Here’s How Native Roots Opened 20 Successful Dispensaries In Colorado

See how Native Roots built its business from the ground up.

Colorado’s legalization of recreational cannabis marked the first successful recreational marijuana legislation worldwide. After that monumental move, new brands, cultivation sites, and dispensaries quickly flooded the state. 

Marketing your brand to stand out in the sea of weed seems challenging, and it is. However, with the right people, goals, commitments, and advice, your business can thrive. One company leading by example is the Colorado heritage brand and premium medical and recreational cannabis dispensary, Native Roots

For years, the brand’s mission was to elevate the cannabis retail experience for anyone wanting or needing the power of the plant. Now, Native Roots proudly does so only after putting in the time, effort, and care. 

See how Native Roots built their business from the ground up. 

Behind The Business

Native Roots has been in business since 2010. It’s a heritage brand that created a successful, scalable model to open 20 dispensaries around Colorado. 

In 2010, Native Roots started operations as a cultivation and extraction facility. Nothing fancy, but the 17,000 SQFT did the job to land them as a leader in our modern industry today. 

The products produced here were for the medical dispensaries, The Dandelion, and Native Roots Apothecary. In 2013, business started booming, prompting both dispensaries to join forces and create the thriving Native Roots dispensaries we know and love. 

With immense growth, Native Roots needed to spread their roots even further. The brand later moved into its state-of-the-art facility that:

  • Cultivates premium cannabis
  • Develops concentrates through CO2 and BHO extraction
  • Manufactures other essential cannabis products

With a 173,000 SQFT cannabis playground, Native Roots got to work. 

The Results

After moving into their new facility, Native Roots racked up some impressive statistics. Since 2015 the brand has proudly grown over:

  • 90,000 pounds of flower
  • 8 million grams of concentrates
  • 3 million pre-roll joints

They’ve landed their flower into the hands of 4.2 million people. Edibles have also been incredibly popular, with over 2.3 million sales. 

Native Roots stands tall as Colorado’s forever-blossoming, most complete, vertically integrated cannabis company. If there’s one word of advice the company could share with other like-minded brands, they would highly encourage finding the right people for the job. 

After all, Native Roots takes immense pride in its hiring and onboarding process, possibly the best in our industry. The brand has over 600 happy employees who have undergone rigorous training and the onboarding program to maintain Native Roots’ spot as the leading dispensary brand in Colorado. 

To stay there, Native Roots only partners with our industry’s best manufacturers across all product categories to ensure all consumers, young and old, beginner and seasoned, are well taken care of. 

For more information about Native Roots, visit their website at

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