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Learn | 01.30.2023

The Best CBD Cigarettes Of 2023

Here's everything you need to know about CBD cigarettes; what they are, why you should smoke them, and which ones are the best on the market.

One of the most popular recent trends in the CBD space, hemp cigarettes, are making their way through the market, and we can see why.

They are a convenient, premium-quality, mind soothing product that does not get you high and offers a cleaner, chemical-free alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Best CBD Cigarettes In 2021

Shaman Smokes

The Shaman Smokes CBD Cigarettes are made with American-grown industrial hemp that contains a great mixture of terpenes and cannabinoids. These cigs are non-intoxicating and have absolutely no tobacco or nicotine. These cigarettes go for $9 per pack and contain significant levels of CBD, CBG, and CBC!

These come in 4 flavors: Original, Cherry, Menthol, and Grape.

Plain Jane

These hemp cigarettes are simple and natural! Plain Jane CBD Cigarettes are $12.99 per pack of 20 and will entice you with their smooth user experience and discreteness. These hemp cigarettes provide a low-odor experience that is rich and burns clean.

Plain Jane has different options to choose from and you can tailor your user experience to whatever your needs or your personal whims desire. Their flavors are Electra, Lifter, and Sour Space Candy.

Lucky Leaf

Enjoy the healing benefits of CBD flower with Lucky Leaf’s CBD Hemp Cigarettes. These cigs come in a beautiful package with an amazing design and a pack of ten goes for $8.99

You are going to love these, and for your convenience, they sell in bulk so you can stack up on these powerful cigarettes. The discreet and low aroma experience is one you must try, share a pack with some friends and you are sure to fall in love.

Toast Emerald

The Toast Emerald pre-rolled CBD cigarettes are a premium product that comes in amazing, stylish packaging. A pack of ten cigs that has 7 grams of full-spectrum CBD flower goes for $38, their potent and fast-acting effects, and the feel of smoking a cigarette that has no nicotine or tobacco is amazing.


Wild Hemp Hemp-Ettes come in a variety of flavors, the original has a natural flavor, sweet, pineapple blaze, and menthol. An original 10-pack goes for $8.99, and the flavored are normally priced at $11.00 but are frequently on sale for $9.99.

These cigarettes are legal in all 50 states and are made from a high-quality hemp blend, which means they do not contain any nicotine or tobacco.

Hemp Zone

Hemp Zone has three interesting flavor lines that are both tasty and are made with high-quality 6-8% CBD flower. These 0% tobacco and nicotine cigarettes are bound to elevate your experiences and senses, without any psychoactive properties! 

Choose from the Regular, Menthol, or Mota Island (grape) flavors, a pack of twenty will cost you and your buds twelve bucks, take ‘em for a test run! In my opinion, CBD rocks, and sometimes we don’t have the need for that head high.


Blaz is proud to pioneer in hemp-powered, natural, beneficial cigarettes! Their smokes are designed to provide the full CBD experience without the effects of THC. The Blaz CBD cigarettes have less than 0.3% of THC and 7% of CBD to ensure you have a smooth, unwinding experience. 

A pack of ten cigarettes is $5.99, but you can also buy a carton of 10 packs for $50. I am sure you will love these cigarettes and throw those regular nicotine sticks out the window.


The Original and Cherry Crush Rollies CBD Cigarettes are made with all-natural hemp flower with 13.5% CBD or 114 mg per roll. The terpenes remain intact in their properly cured CBD flower, which means you get the full taste for your smoking satisfaction.

Hemp Rolls

These bad boys come in a neat pack of twenty cigarettes that go for $9.99. Hemp Rolls CBD cigs are tasty and high in CBD while keeping the THC at lower than 0.3%. You’ll enjoy these a lot because they smoke like a true cigarette, minus the abominable odor, and the nasty nicotine or added chemicals.

Redwood Reserves

There are many things to applaud when we look at Redwood Reserves CBD Cigarettes, but I love the package. Just by looking at the box, I know for certain that the user experience will bring me peace and harmony. 

A 20-pack goes for $12.99, and there’s 0.8 g of flower and from 80 to 100 mg of CBD per cig. Their sun-grown, sun-cured CBD flower is cultivated in Oregon and they use a blend of Golden Redwood, Carolina Dream, and Wild Bourbon.

What Are CBD Cigarettes

CBD cigarettes, also known as hemp cigarettes, are one of the latest trends to emerge in the cannabis space. They look just like a traditional tobacco cigarette: ground herb rolled tightly in white paper with a filter on one end.

There’s only one difference, instead of being filled with tobacco, they are filled with smokable hemp flower

If you were to open one up, you’d see a dark-colored dry herb that resembles tobacco more than it does marijuana- that’s hemp. Marijuana and hemp belong to the same plant family, but there is a key distinction between them: they both have CBD, but hemp has virtually no THC.

What's Inside A CBD Cigarette

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Some CBD cigarettes contain high-CBD marijuana flower, but in reality, most of them are made from industrial hemp flower.

CBD cigarettes stand out from the rest because they are made from hemp flower instead of tobacco.

Furthermore, CBD cigarettes do not have addictive substances like nicotine. Smoking a CBD cigarette is an all-natural, cleaner smoke with comforting, therapeutic properties of hemp flower without any psychoactive THC-induced effects.

CBD Cigarettes vs Tobacco Cigarettes

As mentioned before, CBD cigarettes are made to look just like a regular tobacco cigarette. The main difference between them is that CBD cigs deliver a much cleaner and smoother smoke and do not have the adverse effects of tobacco cigarettes.

Furthermore, CBD cigarettes do not have addictive substances like nicotine. Smoking a CBD cigarette is an all-natural, cleaner smoke with comforting, therapeutic properties of hemp flower without any psychoactive THC-induced effects.

Using CBD Cigarettes To Quit Tobacco

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We all know that traditional tobacco cigarettes are destined to disappear. There’s an abundance of research and proven evidence that they are incredibly harmful to our bodies, and they can even kill us. That’s why it’s time to ditch the old Marlboro and find a new, cleaner, alternative: CBD cigarettes.

The hardest thing about quitting cigarettes is the chemical dependence they produce, especially with nicotine. Quitting is more than just not buying cigarettes; it’s a habit that needs to be eliminated. And when people do quit, they begin to feel anxious and crave cigarettes.

Here’s where the CBD found in hemp cigs comes in handy. 

CBD binds with some of the same cell receptors as antidepressant drugs used to treat nicotine addiction. When this happens, you release feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin that help you defeat those anxieties and nicotine cravings. 

In other words, you get a perfect alternative that looks and smokes like a regular cigarette, but in a cleaner, smoother, and better way. Next time you’re out and about, take some CBD cigs with you and use them instead of a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Final Words

Smoking tobacco is overrated, unhealthy, and no longer cool. CBD cigarettes are the new thing, and they are here to stay. CBD cigarettes offer a sophisticated smoke with the highest quality ingredients.

Try CBD cigs if you want the best on the market and experience for yourself their herbal, nicotine-free, non-psychoactive goodness. 

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