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The Best Digital Scales For Weed In 2022

It can be hard to get a good scale, especially if you’re not interested in hopping between head shops to find something that suits your needs.

When shopping around, there are a number of variables to consider from price to capability. If you’re looking to measure out what you’ve bought because you think you’ve been shorted, for example, you might go with a different product than if you’re trying to ensure you’ve got under the maximum allowable limit for possession in your area or you’re checking how much you’ve grown. You might also want to consider a scale for measuring out buds when making edibles. Regardless of what you’re looking for, there’s a product out there that fits your needs.

What To Look For In A Digital Scale For Weed

Here is a list of suggestions for when you start shopping:

1. Buy a scale that can be accurate to a tenth of a gram.

2. If you’re “weighing casually,” go for a scale with a capacity of at least 200 grams. If you’re weighing in bulk, however, go with something that has a large tray and can measure up to 1000 grams.

3. Choose a scale with a wall plug if you’ll be weighing regularly to save money spent on batteries.

4. Shop online. The selection and prices of scales are better on the web than in head shops.

5. If you’re in the U.S., naturally get a scale that measures in grams. Regardless, one that switches back and forth between metric and imperial systems can be useful.

All of that considered, here are Herb’s picks for the best digital weed scales on the market.

The Best Digital Scale For Weed

Casual Pocket Scales

Photo courtesy of American Weigh Scales

If you’re looking for a medium-sized scale, the 600 gram BLK Digital Personal Nutrition Scale is a solid choice (it’s 5”x 3”). It’s pre-calibrated, meaning that you can use it out of the box. The BLK switches between grams, ounces, troy ounces, and other measures to fit both U.S. and international standards. It measures to the tenth of a gram.

Though it’s a bit pricier than the BLK, the AWS Digital Pocket Scale is great for folks looking to plug their scale in with an AC adaptor (there’s a battery option too if you change your mind). This one might need a touch of calibration every so often if you’re measuring down to the hundredth.

And if you’re looking for something stealthy, American Weigh Scales’ CD scale has a flip lid that makes it look like a CD (although, frankly, considering the year you might get some weird looks for having a CD around). It holds 500 grams and measures to the tenth of a gram, though it needs a minimum weight of one gram so if you’re looking to go smaller than that you might want to choose another option.

Professional Weed Scales

Photo courtesy of American Weigh Scales

American Weigh Scales also makes a digital kitchen scale called the TRP Precision Scale that is larger than its pocket version. The downside is it’s definitely not portable. This one plugs into an AC power adapter and can measure to the thousandth of a gram. Even though it’s not always necessary to have something so accurate, if you’re not paying extra for it you might as well. Plus a convenient weighing bowl is included, though for almost $30 you’d hope it would be.

Coming in for under $15, the Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale is the top choice for the professional user who’s looking to save some money. With a capacity of 5,000 grams and accuracy to the hundredth of a gram, the Etekcity scale gets you the most bang for your buck.

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