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The Best Dispensaries In San Francisco & The Bay Area

If you live here or are just passing by for a visit, here are the best dispensaries to help you stay elevated.

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Visiting a dispensary for the first time can be a scary thought, but not to worry. The cannabis community is occupied by only the kindest souls. I remember my first time in a way too sketchy location, I wish I had this list back then. Luckily, I am here to bring you 15 of the best dispensaries in San Francisco.

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Photo courtesy of Stiizy

If you are not familiar with the name, then let us help you out. Stiiizy is a top brand dispensary, famous for its unique pods, edibles, pre-rolls, and of course, their variety of flowers. 

Their Mission location was the second this brand opened and one of the top locations that San Francisco and the Bay Area offer. Local artists were invited to create custom Bay Area-inspired paintings to make this place ideal for cannabis-related brands.

The Stiiizy Mission is located at 3326 Mission Street, in San Francisco, perhaps one of the most well-known, influential, and historic neighborhoods in the area and the USA.

Find all of Stiiizy’s products, including merchandising, apparel, smoking accessories, plus more than 55 different California-based brands.


Photo courtesy of Apothecarium

With three locations in San Francisco, one in Berkeley, Las Vegas, Capitola, and several along the east coast, The Apothecarium has you covered. This dispensary offers a wide range of top-shelf premium goods. From tinctures to oils, from grass to wax, and of course edibles and even beverages. Whatever you are craving, the welcoming team at the Apothecarium is there to help you.

Grass Roots

Photo courtesy of Grass Roots

Providing visitors with the utmost quality in care, Grass Roots is there for your needs. Everyone here praises the miracle herb as it should be. The focus here is to teach others of the medicinal benefits of this wondrous plant while providing the best patient care.


Photo xourtesy of MediThrive

One of the first medical cannabis dispensaries after Prop 215 came into action in the late ’90s; this spot holds a huge place in the hearts of those who visit. The focus around MediThrive is the people. Bringing everyone together and giving back to the community.

Love Shack By SPARC

Photo courtesy of MyFoli

Another of the firsts after Proposition 215. Long trusted, SPARC has been providing nothing but the best for all of its cannabis-loving patients. SPARC focuses on cannabis cultivation, retail visuals, and many other aspects of buying top-shelf weed. 

Bloom Room

Photo courtesy of Bloom Room

As the name fits, so does the love you feel when walking into the Bloom Room. Their belief is simple, share the love of cannabis with everyone they encounter. Everyone working at the Bloom Room is aware of the difficult job it is to cultivate, extract, and ultimately deliver a superior experience, so coming in here, you can feel the genuine attention each budtender has.

The Green Door

Photo courtesy of The Green Door

Carrying a wide variety of some top-named weed favorites, The Green Door sits in the heart of San Francisco. Ready to answer any questions you may have, the folks at The Green Door take extra care of their patients and provide only the top smokeable, edibles and so much more.

2ONE2 California

Photo courtesy of 2ONE2

The address is the name, can’t get any easier than that. The 2ONE2 is located where it blends in the most, in this sophisticated port that is San Francisco. This dispensary sits as a favorite among the suits of the Financial District. After a long day of dealing with stocks, why not buy some primo ganja?

Flower To The People

Photo courtesy of Flower To The People

Top-rated, high quality, friendly and knowledgeable budtenders? Flower to the People is as liberating as its name. Providing only the best products for all who visit. Whatever you are looking for, they will be ready to assist with all your ganja needs.

Golden Gate Cannabis Company

Photo courtesy of Golden Gate Cannabis Company

Looking for some dope finds? If you’re in the Bay area don’t forget to stop by Golden Gate Cannabis Company for some of the best quality buds. I was not much of a pre-roll person until I saw the wide variety they carry here. Go nuts!

Pure 710SF

Photo courtesy of Pure 710SF

Another so rightly named, nothing but pure greatness when it comes to the choice selections here. Pure 710SF focuses on everything from the sweetest CBD to the strongest concentrates. Got a sweet tooth? There are many choices of the most delectable edibles. They got you!

The Green Cross

Photo courtesy of The Green Cross

As the red version can save your life, so can The Green Cross. Walking into this one is like being welcomed by the greatest minds in cannabis. For over 15 years Green Cross has stood for activism, leadership, and of course some bomb weed.


Photo courtesy of Elevated

Servicing recreational and medicinal patients, Elevated keeps you fully stocked on all your favorites. The best part, if you’re like me, ballin’ on a budget, there are always great deals here to make you feel like Snoop. Stay elevated and stop by to see what goodies you’ll find.

Barbary Coast

Photo courtesy of Barbary Coast

It’s hard to walk around Inner Sunset and the Theater District without hearing about the Barbary Coast and their rich history. Whether it is medical or recreational, the loving folks here want to put you first. Providing someone the dopest goods you’ll come across, maybe you’ll find some new faves.

Dutchman's Flat

Photo courtesy of Dutchman’s Flat

In case you are wondering, yes Dogpatch is a real place with an old-timey feel. Dutchman’s Flat is a whole vibe on its own, something like if Starbucks had a baby with the industrial revolution. The aesthetics aren’t the only reason to stop by this instagrammable spot. The budtenders here truly care about every patient and are always ready to show you some of the best quality buds you have seen.

July 10, 2021 — Last Updated November 19, 2021
Written by Kiara Concepcion
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July 10, 2021 — Last Updated November 19, 2021
Written by Kiara Concepcion
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