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Best Spots In LA For A Weedy First Date

Seven spots where the sparks from your bowl and your heart are sure to fly.  

Photo by Michael Bogner / Adobe Stock

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No one’s ever been on a first date that was so great they want to rush into a second, or so horrible they vow never to go out again. Heck, we don’t even remember what you wore, though we suspect it was nothing compared to the new outfit you just bought for date number two.

Even the most confident person can be wary of a first date. How do you know if he had a nice time? What if you don’t like the movie you picked? It’s all so nerve-wracking.

One way to help is to find someone who smokes weed and make that first date a weedy one. Here are seven awesome first date ideas in Los Angeles..

Griffith Observatory

Photo by Emeric’s Timelapse / Adobe Stock

What better way to start a romance than under the stars. Well, smartypants, a couple trips to the Observatory and you would know that we are always under the stars, we just can’t see them during the day. Brush up on that cosmic knowledge at the famous observatory that offers some of the best views that LA has to offer. 

Due to COVID protocols, the observatory is open Friday-Sunday each week and you must wear a mask while visiting.  You and your date can look through the free public telescopes at any planets that might be stopping by, unveiling the mystery of the cosmos and sparking that feeling of wonder that is extremely beneficial for romance.  

My favorite part of the Observatory is the Samuel Oschin Planetarium, the perfect place to rest your head back and zoom off into a journey through space and time. 

Luckily my edible activation time is usually a pretty spot-on 45 minutes, so I like to time that bad boy to take effect when the show is starting, and then its only moments until I feel like the Dude floating over a streetlight lit Los Angeles with Bob Dylan playing in the background.  If the weed didn’t bring you enough euphoria, you will load up during the planetarium show.

Clutter Park

Photo by Sundry Photography / Adobe Stock Photo

A truly unique spot that offers nonstop entertainment, this little benched area that calls itself a park runs along a street and sits overlooking the famous Los Angeles International Airport. A new-age form of bird watching, many locals frequent this spot to sit and observe planes taking off from and landing at one of the busiest airports in the world. 

Don’t forget the chess or checkers pieces that you will put to good use on the tables that feature boards for such games. Taking a date here ensures a stimulating conversation, and the sense of adventure will encapsulate the both of you as you watch dozens of flights come and go from all over the world.  

Letting your imagination run wild by guessing flight destinations can be a fun exchange between lovers. Still, thanks to technology, you can actually check your answers by downloading a plane finder app that tells you that precise information.  

If this were a romantic comedy, you would slyly take peaks at the app while your date was observing the planes, and you would say something like, “well, there’s one from Wisconsin, you can tell by the lingering smell of gouda that’s surrounding us.” Then, your date would laugh and give you a flirty little smack on the shoulder, only to be left dumbfounded when a heap of Green Bay Packers fans with cheesehead helmets storms off the plane. 

But hey, this is real life, and constantly peeking at your phone probably isn’t the best thing to do on a date. 

Immersive Van Gogh

One of the coolest spots on the list is the stunning, but temporary exhibit that rivals the planetary with its hypnotic effect. The art of Van Gogh will come to life through the large scale projections that line the 55,000 square foot building.

Located just off Sunset Boulevard in the old Amoeba Music building, the mesmerizing exhibit features moving artwork that emphasizes certain brushstrokes or colors, giving participants a look inside the mind of one of history’s most talented artists. The beauty in these classic pieces will show a side to them you haven’t seen, and you’ll want to share that experience with that special someone. 

The set was designed by Tony Award nominated designer David Korins, who constructs sets for major Broadway productions, including Hamilton. You can be in the room where it happens, and make sure you spark it up right before because if you thought those walls were talking before, wait until you see through the eyes of Mary Jane.

The Huntington

Photo by Richie / Adobe Stock

Located off the 210 in San Marino, the Huntington offers visitors a glimpse at rare art exhibits, acres of gorgeous gardens, and an extensive library open to those who make research reservations.

If you’re like me, the Botanical Gardens will be where you spend most of your time. The 16 different gardens that total about 120 acres will set the perfect scenery for a romantic stroll with your significant other. 

The water lilies and lotus flowers will spark the inner buddhist in you, and you will immediately reach nirvana (unless that’s just the edible kicking in).  

Street Food Cinema

One of the coolest parts of LA is the outdoor cinema scene, and Street Food Cinema keeps things fresh by bouncing from park to park, setting up their 50 foot screen and booming sound systems all over the LA area. 

Spark one up on your walk around the park before the screening, and lay back on your favorite blanket while watching one of the great choices in film they are offering this summer.  

Eaton Canyon Falls

Photo by trekandphoto / Adobe Stock

While it is strongly recommended to not do this on a first date (hiking trail with a semi-stranger is never a good idea), you’ll want to make sure you were friends with the person first before taking the trip to Pasadena’s lovely Eaton Canyon. 

Eaton offers an easy, mostly flat, walking trail that ends at the prized waterfall that’s the perfect place to cool off after the sunny stroll. This spot is for the more outdoorsy couples, but offers a nice change to the busy, crowded spots in the city.  With plenty of opportunity to blaze your own trail in peace, this trail features lots of shaded areas and big rocks to session along the way. 

The Getty

Photo by blickwinkel2511 / Adobe Stock

If The Huntington is checked off your list or your date night festivities typically take place more west of the city, the Getty Center might be the place for you. Although known as a popular tourist location, the Getty is such a beautiful and peaceful place that any stoner would enjoy.  

There’s something to please all the senses at the Getty. You can smell the beautiful flowers and plants that dazzle with their extravagance, treat your eyes to the scenery and beautiful works of art on display inside, and encounter a sense of peace from the quiet surroundings.

Taste could be satisfied by the cafe and coffee spots at the Getty, however, if you wanted to provide your taste buds with the same high-quality treatment as your other senses, you’ll want to take the 3 mile trip to Sin-Sen-Gumi in West LA that offers some of the best Ramen around.

Just off Santa Monica Boulevard, this ramen wonderland offers broth that has been prepared for over three days. I dream about this ramen. Sometimes, I don’t take my allergy pill so I can convince myself that I need some ramen to relieve my sniffles. Well, maybe all of your senses will be pleased except touch. (Please don’t touch the artwork or delicate plants; touch each other!)

August 26, 2021 — Last Updated September 17, 2021
Written by Ricky Alejandro
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August 26, 2021 — Last Updated September 17, 2021
Written by Ricky Alejandro
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