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The 6 Best Weed Strains For Male Arousal

Weed and sex go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Throughout history, cannabis has been linked to aiding with sickness, pain, and depression and has even been prescribed as an aphrodisiac!

Sex is great on its own let’s get the obvious out of the way but sex on cannabis is like floating in the warmest sea in the nicest weather with sangria on tap for free ALL DAY…yes, please!.

Sometimes you may just be overthinking it in the bedroom, or maybe you’ve had too much drink, whatever the case may be there are certain strains out there that will the man back in your DINGO, here are 6 for your pleasure.

Blue Dream

For ages, Blue Dream has been the sweetheart of cannabis connoisseurs, with its Sativa-heavy composition delivering an invigorating kick perfect for daytime use. Simultaneously, the strain’s Indica (Blueberry) component offers a dreamy, floating tranquillity.

When stress is sabotaging your ability to even contemplate intimacy, this fruity, berry-tinged puff will whisk away your concerns, leaving you fully present. And, as is typical with marijuana, expect heightened senses and amplified, enduring climaxes.


In lieu of the classic, somewhat cliché box of chocolates, why not opt for a more unconventional delight? Enter Sweeties, a cannabis hybrid that boasts a genetic cocktail so intricate it would require genomic analysis to unravel.

What truly matters is the harmonious blend that manifests as striking magenta-purple hues, an aroma reminiscent of honey and overripe pears, and an effervescent, euphoric buzz that leaves you feeling amorous and chatty. Indulge in Sweeties, and not only will you be convinced that intimacy is an excellent notion, but your partner will be equally swayed.


When the day has been nothing short of relentless, this strain serves as the ultimate “off-switch” to help you wind down. For those on the hunt for an organic solution to persistent stress, this herb, when enjoyed in moderation, is renowned for casting aside burdensome worries.

Individuals seeking respite from pain and headaches frequently find solace in the soothing numbing sensations provided by this therapeutic bloom. Indulge in this strain about an hour before hitting the hay, and brace yourself for an unrivalled, blissful post-intimacy slumber that’ll leave you dreaming of more.

Sour Space Candy

With an impressively comprehensive terpene profile, this hybrid, complemented by its remarkable CBD content exceeding 16%, unquestionably ranks among the finest strains for sensual escapades.

Sour Space Candy imparts soothing effects for both mind and body, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in a passionate night, casting aside worries and relishing the experience wholeheartedly. Spawned from Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry, this strain’s unique flavor profile bears a striking resemblance to its delectable kin, Gorilla Glue #4 and Sour Diesel.

Grandaddy Purple

Grandaddy Purple, an Indica-leaning hybrid, artfully blends robust physical sensations with cerebral elation. When intimacy calls for unity, what better way to fuse body and mind than by indulging in this blissful concoction? Your tactile senses will be heightened, enabling you to savor every subtle caress on your skin.

Simultaneously, prepare to be delighted by unanticipated and imaginative notions for exploring novel avenues of pleasure. However, exercise restraint with this potent strain to ensure you maintain your full range of motion.


Mimosa is the ultimate strain to indulge in, both pre and post-amorous interlude. Begin with a few gentle tokes to elevate your mood, invigorate your energy, and heighten your awareness of each delightful sensation during foreplay and the main event. Post-epic climax, continue partaking to amplify the cozy, dreamy quality of your post-coital cuddles.

Ultimately, you’ll drift off into a peaceful slumber and awaken the following morning, rejuvenated and eager for another round. In addition to the perfectly calibrated high, these buds offer a delectable, citrus-infused dessert-like aroma to tantalize your senses.

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Melissa Jaramillo

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Melissa Jaramillo


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