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The 15 Best CBD Tattoo Aftercare Products

Heal faster and keep your art looking new longer.

From the buzzing sound of a tattoo gun to witnessing your body transform from a blank canvas into a living and breathing masterpiece, the entire experience of getting fresh ink is a thrill. In fact, tattoos are one of the only things that we take with us all the way to the grave. With that being said, they deserve every bit of care.

There are endless amounts of remedies for tattoo aftercare, but did you know that your favorite herb can also keep your artwork looking fresh? It can decrease pain, reduce swelling, and speed up healing. Give it a try with these weed-infused tattoo aftercare products.

CBD Tattoo Aftercare Products: The Basics

So you got some fresh ink and you want to take care of it the right way. Well, thanks to all these lovely CBD products you have a variety of options available for the whole healing process. Just the lotions in general make me want another tattoo. There is a strange amount of natural CBD products for skincare and it is just so perfect.

Basic after-care of your new tattoo should be given after you first get it, keep wrapped, let it breathe, wash it under hot water with hypoallergenic, unscented soap, and always moisturize. Keeping your tattoo moisturized in the first few days is critical to the healing process. 

Can I Take CBD Before A Tattoo?

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CBD can be quite useful. Taking a CBD-infused product just prior to the session beginning will help you as your body becomes familiar with the feeling of the tattoo as the CBD begins to enter your system. This will erase some of your initial anxiety.

Is Hemp Lotion Good For Tattoos?

So after you get a new tattoo, one of the most important things to do is caring for it. Many people don’t realize that hemp seed oil is great for tattoo moisturizers. The oil keeps your skin from drying out and helps your tattoo look amazing for years on end. The natural extracts in hemp products contribute to its raw healing powers.

Weed And Tattoo Healing

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After you get your new tattoo, your artist will treat the area with an antibacterial ointment and then wrap the new tattoo in plastic wrap or another type of covering. Anytime after an hour you can remove the cover and let that sucker breathe. Wash with antibacterial soap under hot water and pat dry. Great, we know that unmedicated, but what about after a nice joint? 

For first-time cannabis consumers, there could be a sudden increase in blood pressure and heart rate. This could affect the flow of your body’s blood. Which, if you really didn’t know, can affect the amount of bleeding that happens after the tattooing. The same cannot be said for repeated or seasoned users. 

Before any tattooing, the artist asks you to sign a waiver, obviously, and if you actually read the waiver it says you agree that you are not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. This is mostly so you don’t freak out halfway through and regret everything, but also because the toxins in your body can have serious effects on how your body reacts to the ink and the needle. Just make sure you know what you are doing before permanently marking your body.

CBD Tattoo Cream

Medterra Manuka Cream

Medterra has powerful honey that is expertly blended with 125 mg or 250 mg of CBD, organic ingredients, and more than 20 botanical parts that help to soothe and nourish the skin. This multifunctional cream can be used to support a number of various skin types. The key ingredients in the CBD + Manuka Cream are: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Elaeis Guineenisis (Palm Fruit Oil), Manuka Honey, and Organically Sourced Beeswax along with 99%+ CBD isolate.

The Manuka Honey Cream is safe to use on your skin, make sure to avoid your eyes or other mucous membranes. It’s not uncommon to have some people experiment with different-sized containers. If you’re just starting out, you may want to order one of the smaller containers first instead of the largest size. This will give you a feel for how long the product lasts.

BOTA Body Lotion

CBDistillery has brought something powerful to the table. This is a Nourishing All-Day Body Lotion with Avocado Oil that absorbs quickly into your skin, so your skin will feel smoother and softer instantly. The lotion contains essential nutrients that help to soothe sensitive skin and reduce irritation. This lotion also contains less than 0.3% THC. Bring home the moisture with a nourishing all-day body lotion.

They are dedicated to providing customers with honestly labeled, high-quality hemp-derived CBD products – without any gimmicks. They share third-party tested lab results and oversee every process from seed to shelf. CBDistillery is committed to creating the best, full-spectrum hemp oil products on the market, and their dedication shows in every bottle.

Keep your ink looking fresh, and avoid that annoying itch with this miracle lotion. It goes on smooth and blends into your skin within seconds leaving you a nongreasy feel. The application lasts all day.

Vena CBD Multi-Purpose Cream

Vena CBD crafted this multi-use, miracle cream to melt into your skin so easily that your skin will thank you when you use it. Made with manuka honey sourced from New Zealand blended with medicinal hemp extract and other nourishing ingredients, this cream provides relief, rejuvenation, and a luxurious experience that will leave you wanting more.

The Manuka Miracle Cream is 1oz. The product is more of a rich ointment, so 1 jar will last a long time since it is very concentrated and a little goes a long way. It leaves your skin feeling so soft and refreshing. It clears up any dry spots and acne that develops over time. Any spot on your skin that is not feeling its best, the cream just evens it out within a day or two.

CBD American Shaman Lotion

Soothe your tattoed skin with CBD American Shaman’s amazing Body Lotion. It’s made of hemp seed oil, which has numerous benefits. The hemp seed contains more essential fatty acids than any other plant in existence. This body lotion also contains Vitamin E, shea butter, and cold-pressed Jojoba oil, as well as a number of other organic oils that promote healthier skin. And no, just because it is hemp that does mean this body lotion can get you high especially with its natural CBD content.

Pure Hemp Shop Tattoo Cream

Pure Hemp Shop’s Tattoo Cream is perfect for those of us who want a long-lasting, colorful, and vibrant tattoo. This cream is infused with CBD which helps reduce pain, heal faster, and protect your tattoo from the elements. This is unlike any other tattoo cream on the market. It will be the solution for all those who want to have a vibrant and healthy tattoo.

This cream will protect and moisturize your new tattoo while nourishing the skin with vitamins and essential nutrients. For a tattoo that looks and feels its best, use this premium quality cream after you’ve pierced your skin with new ink. The cream uses only the finest of oils, helping to maintain the freshness of your tattoo for as long as possible. Using this cream also promotes better blood flow to help the healing process happen faster.

CBD Tattoo Balm

Cornbread Hemp CBD Balm

Pain from a new tattoo melts away as this Cornbread Hemp calming blend of full-spectrum CBD, arnica, and peppermint balm soothes away tension. With no parabens, no preservatives, and 100% plant-based ingredients, treat yourself well with this all-natural balm stick. This topical hemp balm is a blend of a base like shea butter or jojoba oil that is mixed with a hemp extract and then allowed to solidify-but thanks to its stick container, you can apply the balm without getting your fingers messy.

This USDA organic balm is made with two organic essential oils, arnica and peppermint, for an extra-strength feeling. These two ingredients are perfect for providing comfort. They used peppermint and arnica oil, which are widely held to be useful among health and wellness professionals because they believe in the power of plant-based alternative solutions.

Miraflora Body Butter

Some people may experience very dry, sensitive, or even inflamed skin with a new tattoo, but thankfully there is Miraflora’s Body Butter. When you use this body butter, your skin will rehydrate, regain homeostasis, and rejuvenate its cells. This body butter is made from the purest, therapeutically effective ingredients. CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation, which can help muscles recover faster and alleviate soreness and skin pain that comes after a new tattoo.

This soothing balm contains natural ingredients that will help calm you down and keep you relaxed. Miraflora’s full-spectrum CBD is extracted from hemp flowers and not marijuana plants. And all their products are carefully tested before hitting the market to make sure that they have less than 0.3% THC.

CBDfx Calming CBD Balm

A calming solution that helps skin heal from irritation and inflammation is only a few clicks away. CBDfx’s Calming Balm is made with lavender, rosemary, tea tree, and vetiver essential oils, along with shea butter and broad-spectrum CBD, this soothing formula can help your skin recover after a tattoo.  The use of shea butter in this balm is no coincidence. Shea butter is primarily used in skincare products for its moisturizing abilities and its natural antioxidant properties.   

The organic hemp is sourced from a partner the USA, before being processed at a lab for CO2 extraction. This ensures that the CBD oil is free of harsh chemicals. This balm contains both lavender oil and tea tree oil. The oils are extracted from plants that have long been held in high regard for their skincare properties.

CBD Tattoo Ointment

Hemp Bombs Tattoo Ointment

After you get a tattoo, it’s important to take special care of the area so that it heals well and stays vibrant. This formula has soothing properties that help the skin heal faster and more perfectly. It contains all-natural ingredients derived from plants and seeds. Hemp Bombs CBD Tattoo Ointment has a pleasant scent, in part because it uses botanicals. It also reduces itching and stinging quickly, so you can feel better faster and get back to your life.

It’s normal for your skin to react in the weeks after a tattoo, but dry skin can lead to cracks and warping. That’s why this all-natural CBD tattoo cream is specially formulated with compounds that are helpful for hydration and moisturization. This ointment is a unique and cannabinoid-rich healing cream that can help you keep your tattoo looking as good as new without irritating it.

Pure Kana CBD Ointment

Pure Kana’s CBD Ointment formula is made from organic CBD-rich hemp oil extracted from some of the best Kentucky hemp crops. The oils are infused in a non-greasy moisturizing cream that soothes nerve pain, reduces inflammation and redness, and gives your skin a cooling sensation. Topicals allow the active ingredients in CBD products to be absorbed directly into your skin. This allows them to get to work a bit faster and take effect where they are needed most.

And for your convenience, this topical comes with a pump cap so you can avoid scooping it out with your fingers like some of the products on the market. It does not have that much of a smell so it’s also a good choice for those with sensitivities to smell. This is best for anyone who needs a targeted approach with CBD.

CBD Tattoo Salve

CBDistillery CBDol

Got some new ink heating up and itching like crazy? Feel great and chill out with this calming topical salve. CBDistillery’s CBDol Topical Salve cooling formula can help you relax your muscles and fight pain with a relaxing sensation or reduce anxiety and promote a feeling of peace and harmony. CBDistillery’s revamped formula is made with the same high-quality CBD and essential oils you know and love, so you get all the benefits of CBD without any unnecessary greasy residue.

CBD salves contain a selection of botanical oils and other ingredients selected to complement the product’s therapeutic potential. They are made with natural ingredients that are kind to your skin and the environment. After applying a liberal amount of CBDistillery’s salve to the affected area of your body, you’ll experience targeted relief of the symptoms.

Colorado Botanicals Alleviate Salve

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There’s nothing like Colorado Botanicals’ topical Alleviate Salve with its innovative formula and pure hemp extracts designed to soothe a recently tattooed skin. Menthol is a cooling agent that’s present in this CBD salve. It helps to momentarily relieve symptoms by making the affected area feel cool. That feeling is quickly replaced with a warm sensation to help eliminate an overall sense of discomfort.

When all of the compounds in a cannabis extract work together, they can help your cells respond better to cannabinoids and other substances. This is why using extracts that contain more cannabinoid goodies is often more effective. Feel better while keeping a clear mind. Colorado Botanicals makes CBD products clean, pure safe, and completely free of any toxic residue extraction method.

Good Goo Fresh Ink Tattoo Enriching CBD Skin Salve

When your skin is exposed to new ink, it produces a natural response that causes the ink to fade. Good Goo’s blend of herbs and essential oils reduces this reaction so your tattoo remains vibrant. Their hemp line is plant-based, cruelty-free, and made in the US. In addition, Good Goo is committed to sustainable business practices and looks to support businesses that share its values.

All tattoos should be cared for properly. Aftercare products affect how beautiful your tattoo looks. For example, if you wash your tattoo too much or don’t use a moisturizer then it will lose some of its colors and look dull. Proper aftercare products like this skin salve can keep your tattoo looking vibrant. With nothing but natural and organic ingredients, this wonderful tattoo aftercare salve, you can enjoy showing off your tattoo art.

Hemp Oil For Tattoos

CBDistillery Tinctures

CBDistillery’s tinctures are the most used method of tossing some CBD care into your day-to-day routine. If you want to start taking CBD oil, these tinctures are a great choice for tattoo aftercare. They’re easy to set out with you for the day and they also have a lasting effect. These hemp-based CBD oils are made using high-quality hemp grown in the US and are third-party lab tested to ensure the best quality and consistent serving sizes.

Full spectrum tinctures like this one from CBDistillery combine the powers of CBD oil and other naturally occurring plant proteins, minerals, vitamins, and more, so you can reap all of the benefits from the cannabis plant without any potentially intoxicating effects. 

Recptra Naturals Seriously Relax Body Oil

Receptra Naturals Seriously Relax + Arnica body oil is manufactured with a unique blend of natural and organic ingredients to soothe muscle tension and moisturize dry skin, promoting a healthy balance for both body and mind. The full spectrum CBD body oil that contains arnica oil for tension relief, moisturizes skin with a combination of Jojoba oil, Vitamin E and Camphor.

The Receptra Naturals CBD oil products are formulated with a blend of natural and organic ingredients. The products are dedicated to the overwhelmed and over-thinkers, for whom mindfulness is easier said than done at best, and at worst, like just another thing to add to their list.

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