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Here’s 10 Amazing Weed Accessories You Can Buy Online Right Now

Whether you’re in need of a new grinder or a stash jar for your buds, you don’t need to hit up your local headshop for these things. Find the best random but useful weed accessories that you can actually buy online.

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From shower curtains to potholders, you can find the most random things on Amazon. But did you know that you can also shop for weed accessories? Not just lighters, but legit weed gadgets. Whether you’re in need of a new grinder or a stash jar for your buds, you don’t need to hit up your local headshop for these things. You can just order it all off the internet and not have to move a muscle. To point out a few other items you can get your hands on, here are 10 things for weed you can buy online.

The Best Weed Accessories To Buy Online

The Invincibowl



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The Invincibowl is here to put an end to broken bong bowls and improve the bong-smoking experience for newbies and experts alike. It is a device that’s easy to use, that will work with any 14mm bong, and more importantly, it will never break. This 2-inch device’s shell is entirely made of anodized aerospace-grade aluminum, practically unbreakable, scratch-proof, and perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

The insides of the Invincibowl are made of stainless steel. The wide-mouthed sleeve can hold up to one gram of weed that will burn evenly, providing maximum efficiency. The secured-screen will give you adequately filtered smoke and can work through more than 20 fully smoked bowls without clogging, four times more than any other screen available. Plus, it is super easy to remove and replace when needed. The handle screws itself to the screen to ensure sturdiness and is covered with a silicone Grip Guard that absorbs heat and will remain cool for the user to hold.

A Stash Bag To Hold Your Buds Discreetly

On Amazon, you can find a ton of odor-proof bags. But why settle for just any ol’ bag when you can have the whole kit and caboodle? The Stashlogix GoStash comes with a jar for flower and one for concentrates plus a little pen you can use to label each.

A Candle That Hides The Smell Of Weed

Not just any candle will help mask the smell of dank. What you need is the Beamer Cannabis Killer Candle. Made out of a soy blend, this candle is designed to eliminate completely the smell of weed. As it burns, the Cannabis Killer Candle works to absorb and remove foul odors and smells in the air, replacing them with a fresh, clean scent.

An Electric Grinder That Fills Up Your Joints With The Push Of A Button

Your days of grinding are over with the OTTO. OTTO is composed of two pieces: an electric grinder lid and a cone holder base. The grinder lid, with its artificial intelligence, will analyze your bud and see if it’s sticky, moist, dry, or full of stems. Then, it will adjust itself to the consistency and texture of the bud and use a specific pressure, speed, and direction to grind it. Press start and see how a perfectly ground weed fills and packs the cone under it. After that, just close the cone and get ready for smoke time.

A Sweet Rolling Tray That Also Holds Your Joints In Place

Check out this rolling tray. Not only does it have a removable tray that comes with it, but also spots that you can stick your joints in until you’re ready to smoke them.

A Cool Looking Bong/Dab Rig

This beauty made by Nucleus also comes with a choice of 4 different colors including green, blue, black, and all clear if you’re into that classic look. It’s built 13-inches tall and includes a flared mouthpiece which adds an airtight seal that enhances your inhale. The inline perc helps filter the smoke so you never have to deal with a rough rip on the bowl, always a cool and super smooth inhale with this one. 

A Butane Torch To Fire Up Your Dabs

When it comes to dab torches, you can go wrong with Vector. Vector offers a lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty on all of their products, perfect for the clumsiest smokers out there. If you have no plans to stop dabbing anytime soon, the warranty alone makes investing in a Vector torch worth every penny. As far as hardware goes, Vector torches reign supreme over many other torches currently available.

A Stainless Steel Ashtray That Can Also Be Used As Home Office Desk Decor

Are you a smoker that works from home? If so, then you need this fancy little ashtray in your life. Whether you’re at your desk typing away or outside taking a break, this ashtray is sturdy enough to withstand heavy blowing AC and strong winds.

A Scale That Isn’t So Obvious

Unlike other scales, this one doesn’t scream “I need to measure my pot.” It’s digital, precise, and discreet.

These Doobie Holders That Come In Every Color

As you know, you can never have too many tubes to hold your doobs.

August 19, 2019 — Last Updated November 18, 2020
Written by Brittney Sanger

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August 19, 2019 — Last Updated November 18, 2020
Written by Brittney Sanger

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