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Learn | 12.01.2021

Best Weed Makeup: 10 Gorgeous Cannabis Cosmetics To Try

From weed-themed eye shadows to hemp-infused lipsticks, beauty brands are embracing the trend of fun and unique cannabis cosmetics.

In more ways than one, the herb is making you feel and look great.

Speaking of looking good, did you know that the world of cosmetics is also embracing pot?

From weed-themed eye shadows to hemp-infused lipsticks, beauty brands are loving cannabis.

To point out a few of these weed-friendly companies, here are seven fun and unique cannabis cosmetics.

Vena CBD Deep Hy Adaptative Moisturizer

Vena’s Deep Hy – Adaptation Moisturizer is excellent for your daily routine. Entirely plant-based, this serum uses the best benefits from CBD to help you reduce the appearance of fine lines.

It also helps your skin to regulate sebum levels to prevent acne; how cool is that?

This moisturizer adapts to your skin, making it a personalized solution for all skin types.

It’s vegan, 100% THC free, and comes in a 1 oz container for $52, or subscribe monthly to grab a 25% discount.

BOTA Eye Serum

If you are like me and your eyes need special care, this Age-Defying Eye Serum + Manuka & Ginger Root by BOTA will care for your needs.

By mixing the Manuka Flower Extract, Ginger Root, and CBD, the mix of natural ingredients and CBD will leave your skin ultra-hydrating and will reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

It has 200 mg CBD extract, and you can grab the 0.5 oz bottle for $30.

Kush Queen Photo Blur CBD Primer

If you want picture-perfect skin, the Kush Queen CBD Primer will get you there easily.

This cannabis-infused makeup primer will create a soft and smooth canvas for your favorite look.

The Aomlifi nanotechnology from KINGDM Cosmetic will give you the best look while making sure your makeup stays in place with a poreless finish.

Grab this 250 mg CBD-infused product for $39.99 or grab a subscription for a 15% discount on future orders.

CBDmd Fab Facial Oil

The CBDmd Face Oil is great to make your skin look radiant, no matter what skin type you have. It is also one of the only makeup products that has Broad Spectrum CBD formula that includes CBD, CBG, and CBN.

This product also has Argan oil for extra brightening and hydration, Vitamin C& E to smooth fine lines, and turmeric to calm all those red patches.

The Fab Facial Oil is a top-shelf skincare product that will make you feel luxurious in your skin. It has 500 mg of CBD extract per bottle and comes in 1 oz container.

The price point might be a little on the high side at $79.99.

Tribe Tokes CBD Rose + Goji Facial Toner

The CBD Rose + Goji Facial Toner by Tribe Tokes mixes the best benefits to help your skin out with CBD and natural extracts.

It helps by minimizing the pores without drying your skin, keeping you hydrated and plump.

CBD helps to reduce inflammation and redness, promoting skin cell regeneration, and the Goji Berry addition will help to brighten the dark spots.

The overall result of this excellent plant-based toner is clearer skin, increased plumpness, and diminished appearance of redness, lines, and wrinkles.

You can grab it on a travel size for $15 (10 ml) or the full size for $40 (100 ml).

Vena CBD Total Hy Gel Mask

As skin ages, sometimes it needs a little help to leave it hydrated and glowy. The Vena CBD Total Hy – Gel Mask can help you with this! It can hydrate and soften your skin with its dedicated formula with added CBD and botanical extracts.

Besides the 300 mg of premium CBD extract, it has Aloe Vera extract, Hyaluronic acid, Lychee extract, and Rosehip Oil.

This formula will help you soothe your skin, help with cell regeneration, and nurture your skin with vitamin b,c, and other antioxidants.

Try this amazing vegan formula for $48 or save up for 25% by taking a monthly subscription.

Milk Makeup KUSH High Volume Mascara

This award-winning mascara from Milk will bring you super thick, badass lashes. The KUSH Mascara is infused with hemp-derived cannabis seed oil that will take your eye game to the next level.

Besides being vegan, clean, cruelty-free, and fragrance-free, this mascara can help with longer, thicker, and better-looking lashes with just a fraction of the product.

Don’t worry about spider lashes, as this mascara is completely buildable and will give you the desired volume. It’s great for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers as well.

You can grab this Korean makeup mascara in full size (0.34 oz) for $25 or try the mini (0.13 oz) for $13.

Palmetto Night Cream & Makeup Remover

This next cream is excellent to rejuvenate your skin while you sleep. The Palmetto Night Cream & Makeup Remover has lavender, and premium CBD extracts to make your skin look youthful and restored when you wake up.

It has 300 mg of premium CBD per jar and comes in a 1.7oz presentation.

You can grab a jar of this excellent quality cream for $49.99 or get a subscription for a 15% discount on future orders.

Tribe Tokes CBD Superfood Mask

The next mask also by Tribe Tokes is a 6-in-1 goodie. The CBD Superfood Mask is a great plant-based option that brings everything you need together.

Formulated with CBD, spinach, kale, green tea, jojoba, and white clay, this mask will bring your skin back to life.

In only 10-15 minutes, this jar full of treats will help your skin by making it more soft, clean, and protected.

It’s also part of the clean beauty movement, so feel free about its 100% natural ingredients and 200 mg of premium quality CBD extract.

You can grab this super mask for $60 with 2 oz per jar.

Milk Makeup Hydrating Face Mask

Remember that viral green mask that was everywhere on your feed? Well, the Korean-based Milk Makeup Hydrating Face Mask is more than just a Tiktok star.

This solid clay face mask is super travel-friendly due to its stick form. It’s vegan, clean, cruelty-free, and best of all, cannabis-based.

The hemp-derived cannabis in this mask hydrates and helps with moisture. It also has Aloe, which calms the skin and has some antioxidant benefits, and Kaolin clay, which balances oil and reduces inflammation.

It comes in a 1 oz container for $26.

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